So a few days ago I heard a comment that nearly sent me over the edge, but first a little context. I am a soon to be father. I know, with cynicism such as mine the fact I can create anything positive is a shocking thing, but it is what it is. So, when I heard someone make the comment that getting his girlfriend pregnant was the worst mistake of his life, I nearly flipped. Not simply for the common sense point, wherein contraceptives of all sorts are available, nor for the myriad ways to avoid a pregnancy if one be so depraved/creative (i.e. pull out, anal, oral, saran wrap); I mean what was this moron thinking? Or for the fact that he wasn’t even serious about this girl. It was the fact that he had created this life and the first thing to enter his goonish head was a selfish, juvenile response focusing on what he was “losing” versus what he was gaining.

Now I’m not that old. Being in my thirties I am not a kid anymore but I am sure as hell not middle-aged. I guess I’m pre-man-opausal. But increasingly, it is this type of attitude everyone has around me that has seriously embittered my personal views on humanity. When did the group’s importance become so fully subsumed by the individual’s?  Morals? Bankrupt. Reward? No, entitlement. Fame? Deserved, not earned. Look at television, look at movies, look online, look all around you. The basic urge of self-fulfillment, of the most insane egocentric acts possible are the new norm. People deliberately hurt themselves for a mere fifteen minutes, debase themselves just for a quick mention on a blog, lie to others, lie to themselves, live in a fugue. There is no real reality anymore. Everything is just self-centered opinion where even the most mediocre of actions has to be hoisted up for a million likes on some flickering digital wall built on illusory screens.

What the hell is wrong with us? Why do we seek our own pleasures? Why do we want so badly that we lie even to ourselves to achieve happiness? Each of us are lifting ourselves up so damn high yearning to be stars in the sky without realizing how far apart that makes us. We are all becoming islands unto ourselves.

There is a world out there. Look up and see what you’re missing. What good is a life lived solely for one’s own amusement? If you don’t build something, only at the end will you discover how poor you are. Put in some effort people, discover the value of something, anything. That is enrichment.

So to say becoming a father was the worst mistake of your life, let me tell you, it is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. It will teach you altruism, it will teach you responsibility, it will, for the first time in your miserable, empty life open your eyes to something more important than you in this world. That child is possibility. That child is your legacy. That child will teach you the meaning of your life which is service, not to the man and not to outdated traditions but to humanity. And if that is not enough, then I pity you for the inability to recognize the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.

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