Something that has always interested me is Time. For the longest time I believed it to be a linear, one way design. Around a decade or so ago I began to view Time in a rather different method. You see, I do not believe that events simply happen in a linear, forward fashion. I believe Time is actually a layered construct, sedimentary in design. One could even say it resembles a pool. Each moment exists in the same spot. The only difference is frequency or the very spot in the pool that one finds themself. That is the best way to describe it. That would explain such events as individuals seemingly walking back in time or forward, seeing phantom’s continually re-enacting events, etc. Time is perspective. Our eyes are designed to only see the now, not to see the whole for we are stuck in a part of it. It is the dilemma of not seeing the forest from the trees. Certain individuals are blessed with the capability to see beyond the veil as it were, to see more than the now, to dive or rise above the moment within which they find themselves. Some would call them psychic or prophets.

Now when I say frequency I mean concerning energy, the current wavelength, the spot at which someone finds themself. It is like the channel on a tv or radio. All exists in the same spot just slightly above or below. One can tune into a different part of the spectrum and discover a different tune, see a different scene. Time surrounds us, does not dominate and push us ever onward. It is a current we can swim against if we so wish.

Now what fills this pool? All of reality is nothing more than consciousness, the group consciousness. Our conceptions are what drive the appearance of all things. Einstein discovered that light traveled in waves and particles. What proved most interesting was that light traveled exactly as Einstein wished it to. When he wanted it to travel in particles his studies discovered that it did. When he wished to see light move in waves his experiments discovered it did. His mind altered reality.

Our perceptions drive reality. Our flesh is designed to see things in a straightforward, linear fashion. It is a physical attempt to understand something that transcends basic understanding. We are born, we live, we die. We base our views on Time and Existence around our flesh, around our life spans. But if we are more than this flesh, if there is more to Existence than being, does that mean we are missing something? Could these eyes be blinding or distorting the whole picture?

Because we see reality as linear we can only see the now, but if we were to open ourselves to the possibility of seeing backwards or peeking forward past the now we would be able to see the whole. Let the scales fall from your eyes and peel away the layers of reality. Become archaeologists on a temporal scale. Some hypnotists and life regression therapy have shown that individuals can actually travel backwards to former lives, see events they never should have known. In fact, individuals can alter past events. That last may sound shocking but not if one believes all exists at the same time in a single pool of Existence. Changes cause ripples. They do not transform the layout of the structure of Time for Time is not set. All is fluid, not static. There is no threat of Time imploding on itself with the structure undermined by paradox.

These views help to further alter my views on reincarnation with each life merely being a different perspective of the same being. A different face. When we are “reborn” we still have a link to who we are but as we are raised we are “taught” by our parents and the world around us that we are a different, singular being. We are someone else, not who we were. We are a unique event, not a continuing thread through Existence. So our perception leads us to forget who we were and to assume a new identity. Only through hypnosis and the remolding of consciousness are we able to draw back and see more of who and what we are.

If individuals are actually more than the now and if reality is the sum of our views then that can only point to one universal union between us all. We are all connected as one single entity. You could call it a schizophrenic being with mulitple personalities, all of us the voice of God. But the drive of individuality, especially today, is further fragmenting the whole, driving a wedge between one another. Do you ever wonder why you feel this amazing sensation when you find friends, fall in love, do something for the community? We are helping one another, helping ourselves, creating a new union and attempting to draw this single entity together. We feel pained when isolated because we know where we came from and yearn to reconnect to it.

So then Time is nonexistent. We can touch any moment at any time. We can drive our own reality. We can do anything. I know this sounds like rambling but just think over these thoughts that percolate in my mind. Do you believe yourself a slave to dull fate or a creative being with the ability to shape destiny? In that attempt at reasoning alone do you not influence your own reality?

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