STIAN_HITLER HIPSTER OUTRAGE_IMAGE004 A GROUP of Jewish activists have pledged to shred all copies of a 'jokey' comic strip book called Hipster Hitler - showing the Nazi leader as a 'trendy geek' wearing black-rimmed glasses and cardigan. The book, available on Amazon, Waterstones and many other book stores for £12.99, details the life of a 'trendy Hitler', showing him eating cashew nuts, playing Pac-Man and riding a bike with a basket on the handlebars. A group of Jewish activists have said it intends to shred all the copies it can, saying the book in anti-Semitic and 'sick'. PIX FROM HITLER HIPSTER BOOK STIAN ALEXANDER 07528 679198

It has increasingly become the norm that whenever a conservative party leader earns the ire of the Left, the inevitable placards proclaiming him Hitler appear. Screams of racism, militarism, corporatism, and/or hyper nationalism make up their battle cry.

Now, I’ll be blunt (as ever) and point out once more the sheer ignorance of the Left in attempting to proclaim a conservative Hitler.

First and foremost, the Nazis were liberals. Their party name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Socialist. Workers. Is the label a tad too subtle? Nazis supported social programs, unions, centralized policy making in regards to education, the economy, and eventually, social engineering. When they weren’t in power, they attempted to silence the opposition with riots and street brawls. Sound familiar? They wanted to divide Germany into ethnic groups. Sound familiar? Though they said the contrary, they attempted to strip religion out of schools, policy making, even society. Sound familiar?

The Left attacks the Right for wanting to enforce borders calling them racist for not accepting any and all who want to enter the nation. First of all, that is how a responsible state acts. Should any entity allow themselves to be diluted by those of questionable loyalty who may prove hostile to your country, may threaten the public safety, and offer nothing positive in industry or quality?

This cry of racism rings hollow when one examines the Left’s policy toward minorities. The Republicans ended slavery, they integrated the military, they pushed for forcible acceptance and assimilation of blacks during Reconstruction. The Democrats obstructed at every opportunity. There was the KKK (quite the racist, nationalist group), the dirty dealings that led to the end of Reconstruction allowing for Jim Crow, poll taxes, segregation, and even laws against interracial couples. Woodrow Wilson resegregated the military, lynches increased, and blacks became a second class citizenry.

The Left will argue that the Dems pressed for Civil Rights and integration. Let’s ignore that men like Nixon supported Civil Rights, let’s pretend that Dixiecrats, even when Kennedy and Johnson were in office, still grudgingly dealt with such legislation. In fact, let’s be clear of the duplicitous nature of the Democrats when it comes to Civil Rights. The entire agenda carried out by the Left has only led to the dilemma of blacks in America. With the offerings of subsidized housing and social programs, the Left has claimed to be the champions of blacks acquiring them as an electoral bloc. Blacks have been relegated to ghettoes and, as their work ethic has been sapped by social charity bordering on dependence, have become vulnerable wards of the state. Starts to sound like Warsaw. This dependence is exactly like slavery in the old South. The drum beat of the Right will steal your homes, your food, your necessities has only deepened the fear of the party of Lincoln. The Left has done nothing as drugs ravaged their neighborhoods. The Left has defended the dissolution of black families. The Left has pushed quotas because they give the veneer of progressivism while actually creating enmity further reinforcing the bond of Dems over their wards as blacks fear if the quotas go away they’ll lose more of the gains they’ve made.

This very policy is furthered with illegals and refugees. The Left wants them as easily manipulated electoral blocs. They want the illegals for cheap labor and as a bargaining chip to garner favor with Hispanics, hoping to gradually erode their independence by reliance on the state for ‘protection.’ The same goes for refugees. The Left supports education in separate languages, legislation in different languages, even courts in different languages. They seek to divide the country in order to gerrymander this country at a massive scale.

The Left stands for increased state control, the erosion of the Middle Class by taxation and expropriation until there is the elite and the subordinate. It borders on virtual serfdom. The Right seeks smaller government, more money in the hands of the people to pursue independent prosperity as when one succeeds many follow, and the fostering of a single polity.

And then there is Hitler, the ultimate archetype of the hipster before that was a word. He never achieved a college degree, refused to work because he was an ‘artist,’ had no real work ethic while hypocritically demanding the utmost from all others, who cared nothing for his fellows because they were just a means. He railed against traditionalism, belittled morality, lied when it suited him, proclaimed the rules did not apply, and lauded the amateur, the mediocre, the anti-intellectual. He used the media and entertainment to manipulate and denigrate the opposition. Sound familiar?

So ask yourself, who are more like the Nazis: the Right quiet in humility and busy getting to work or the Left who spend their time wreaking havoc and screaming so loudly that you begin to wonder if they’ve lost their senses?

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