Hello Hello. Sorry about the late posting. I had a long twelve hour shift behind me made longer by the co-worker I had to deal with. I won’t name names, part of the reason being he may read this and I don’t need that type of headache. Yes, I know, I’m a pussy. I was never the confrontational type. Passive Aggressive: that’s my bag.

So anyway, for four hours I had to deal with this man’s rambling. The guy is a Jesus nut. Seriously. He spouted off about how man is incapable of destroying the planet because it was created by God and only God had the power to destroy the Earth. Likewise, he went on and on about how Global Warming isn’t real. Just because two scietists to every one claims that Global Warming is a real threat, we should believe the one because the minority always has the correct perception. I love the flawed nature of that argument having seen the debacle of scientists supporting Mbeki in South Africa who claimed HIV did not lead to AIDS and that vitamins could defeat the virus.

People like this just simply agitate me. The man is, for all intents and purposes, part of the herd. He seems to have glossed over the articles that have pointed out how the Bush administration has bullied scientists into hiding findings that support the theory of Global Warming. He likewise loves to point out the hypocritical rantings of men such as Rush Limbaugh, who I love to call the drug addicted balloon (balloon because whenever he goes off he sounds like air squealing; also the fact he dropped weight, yada yada. Ok, I’m tired so the analogy isn’t going to get fully explained), who all claim it’s a left wing conspiracy.

My co-worker loved pointing out Al Gore only put out An Inconvenient Truth because he owns a company which would benefit from policies that would support cleaning the air. Yeah, and Bush’s/Cheney’s connections to the oil industry and Haliburton had nothing to do with their invasion of Iraq. Love the short sighted thinking of my co-worker.

But back to my co-worker and Global Warming. Now I don’t know where he got this info, but my “friend” says that the Earth isn’t the only planet warming up. He claims scientists have discovered the other planets warming up as well. Now this I know is not true because I read virtually everything in the papers and this is something not likely to slip by me. It also sounds like a full of shit statement since, A) a large percentage of the planets in our solar system do not have an atmosphere so the link there is impossible to make, B) we have only been sending probes out into space for the past fifty years, roughly, and we have no hard material to even begin researching what these planets are truly like versus millions of years of solid shit to go through allowing us to give true rsearch on what Earth was like and how it is changing, and C) Go into any city and tell me that the amount of pollution not only makes breathing difficult and seeing anything at a distance impossible but also how much hotter it is in city limits. That last is common sense but out here in Louisville “edumacation” is a hard thing to come by.

I work with Jesus nuts. I swear. This guy believes the world is quickly coming to an end because the Democrats are back in “semi-power” and Hillary may win the election for President (which if anyone even has an inkling of political knowledge knows that is further and further becaoming a non-possibility).

It’s morons like this that enable Bush to push through his ludicrous policies. The Bush administration has run this country into the ground by dividing our nation and turning us against one another so that while we are too concerned with “traitors in our midst” he is able to run things as he likes. With the continuing revelations of corruption in his government, something I am still surprised his supporters gloss over, is it any wonder I become angrier and angrier with people who support him. People simply stick their fucking heads in the sand and refuse to recognize this man is either A)incompetent, B) likewise corrupt as hell, or C) both. People keep saying Bush didn’t know what was going on so can’t be held responsible. That is a crock of shit sense he is the President and this is happening on his watch! WHen I was an officer in the Army I was always told if something happens on your watch you are responsible regardless because these are your subordinates and it is your job to manage them. By the by, most people used this argument of the leader not being responsible for his subordinates corrupt practices when explainging the great leader who was Hitler.

I have said for at least the past three years the level of corruption that is going to come to light in this administration is going to rival anything that has ever existed in America. From the companies who have embezzled funds in Iraq, the tax cuts that largely favor the rich, a politicized bureaucracy, increasing executive authority beyond legal limits (wire tapping without warrants, lack of Habeas Corpus for insurgents, etc.) and more, this man simply roasts my nuts!

I’m really beginning to go rabid so I’m simply going to ease my hands off the keyboard and sign off.

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