Forgive me if I seem a bit crude, but I want to ruin something beautiful. I am so tired of the way life is. I want to seize a piece of corporeal meat and violate it in ways considered sinfully carnal. We are not special. We are not blessed. There is no God. There is no plan. Oh, does that really fuck with your minds? Get with the real world. Everything is chaos. We are eternally on the verge of extinction and that is the thrill. How far can we go before we are wiped from Creation?

We create religions and philosophies to explain existence. Don’t you realize, Creation came before us. It was not forged by human hands and cannot be explained by human thought. It is primal, pure, and innocent. It does not understand our concerns nor is burdened by morality. What is is because it is. Expand, decline, expand, decline. Fuck fuck fuck.

So how long before we cast this meaty world aside and just leap into the abyss? Who wants to join me in oblivion? Follow me pussies or gag on the consumables of your materialist world.

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