I watched a documentary on Netflix, as I tend to do while exercising, and was left seething regarding this moronic, neurotic, ill-informed propaganda piece aimed to further the vegan agenda: What the Health.

As background, the host, Kip Anderson (the man is as moronic as his name suggests) gives us his personal history. His family has shown a genetic predisposition towards diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. He does not eat meat or dairy being a vegan and is intensely curious about the causes behind the obesity epidemic and the rise in diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. This will all prove important later.

He starts out attacking processed meats. According to his research, which is looking on one website without seeking published academic sources to support his claim, processed foods are as carcinogenic as asbestos. That’s right, Oscar Meyer will give you cancer. It is a vile pox on man threatening children.

Kip than segues into attacking chicken and fish. Chicken and fish. Two of the leanest, healthiest sources of protein one can find. Chicken seems to be just like any other meat in his eyes, all those chickens clearly carrying disease. As for fish, fish is bad because fish eat fish that eat fish. All that carnivorous activity somehow taints fish as a food. Not the possibility of mercury that exists to a small degree. I kid you not, this is what the man claims.

Dairy is just as bad. The level of lactose intolerance among humans is used to make the assertion that the human body does not want milk. In fact, he compares cheese to heroin, only not as extreme. God knows I need that Gouda fix! Kraft, a criminal cartel! The number of stress fractures and broken bones children suffer serve as proof that milk does not grant the calcium promised for strong bones though the man clearly has not researched the dietary habits of these kids (milk consumption is not as high as it used to be among kids, but shhhh).

He follows all of this by saying endless carbs and sugar is ok. It is only various shadow organizations that seek to make you believe otherwise so you’ll eat “healthy alternatives” … like chicken, milk, and fish.

Kip declares that genetics play no part in disease as his excellent vegan diet and exercise regimen has left him healthy hence he is living proof.

Defending all this is his odd collection of experts who are either MDs whose specialty and place of occupation are never revealed or a New York Times bestseller who would never say outrageous things to garner media attention to sell books. Not once does Kip or his experts research the increasing proportion of the population being middle aged (with weight gain a natural process of age), the research of genetics in disease, or that sugar in EVERYTHING has been the leading cause of the increase in diabetes.

Kip spends a great deal of the documentary going after major organizations like Susan B. Komen,first calling their customer service line and acting surprised the person who picks up doesn’t know the central policy making of said organization (because calling Apple support, the tech could tell me what Apples corporate plan is over the next ten years regarding integration of devices and upcoming product). He then shows up, in sweats with missed hair, acting confrontational and flanked by cameras. When security shows up, Kip plays innocent wondering why anyone would be so aggressive with him, especially after accusing Susan B. Komen of misinforming people about cancer implying they are negligent and such negligence leads to suffering and death. Sure, let’s call the execs and sit down for an interview that begins with THAT mindset.

This entire documentary is nothing more than the musings of an idiot trying to clarify his own mental musings while advancing an SJW dietary agenda that is so baseless and at times farcical it is pathetic. He attacks genetics because he is genetically predispositioned. He attacks meat and cheese because he is vegan. Kip proclaims that if you believe enough you can overcome anything, especially genetics. Don’t trust those established organizations, traditional eating habits, and God knows those faceless corporations are to blame for tricking us into eating unhealthy and oppressing us with obesity through lying ad campaigns and political connections.

This sort of irresponsible media is dangerous to those unwilling to do the research and Netflix should be ashamed for putting it on their service. Maybe they can follow up this crap with an Aryan Nation documentary on race relations or give us a live North Korean news feed.

The disconnect between reality and humanity is growing. That, like this documentary, is not healthy.

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