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For the first time in history, a presidential victor is keeping his campaign promises…and people are freaking out!

People are upset Trump is gradually pulling us out of multiple foreign commitments stating it is America’s duty to protect the world. Fact check: the Founding Fathers were against foreign commitments due to the cost and likelihood it would drag us into unnecessary wars. Until World War II we were a thriving nation without fear or doubt, safe to prosper within our own borders. Since, we have been involved in numerous foreign wars that has indebted us and fostered more enemies than friends. The problem of empire building is that it corrupts. Good intentions turn to status quo and devolve to brute and duplicitous force to keep “what is” because what could be is terrifying. No one wants to roll back time, no one wants to roll back borders, and rarely has any entity in history ever willingly surrendered power once taken. By stepping up and taking responsibility, we have suffered greatly. We have stripped myriad nations of responsibility, fostered corruption, destroyed our economy. Bretton Woods, the attempts to stabilize the world economy following WWII by tying currency to the dollar only aided in wrecking our own economy with the costs of military adventure (Korea and Vietnam), the alienating of several global powers who viewed it as an attempt to make the world subsidize “American privilege,” and limited economic recourse when issues arose (oil crisis, increased debt brought on by the Great Society, etc.). We have instituted regime change (Iran, Central and South America, parts of Africa) throughout the globe tarnishing our ideals and creating powerful enemies in the name of “security.” Generations of men have suffered, been maimed, and killed with their sole reward being ostracism by their own citizenry as well as those foreign souls they fought to preserve. Empire has brought with it rot, power the poison that has twisted our very nation into something that can, at times, honestly be called despotic.

Trump wants to free us from these unnecessary obligations, relieve us of an authority no single nation should wield, and focus on what is most important: Americans. If your family is in need, you don’t help the neighbors first. The world has had seventy years of American help, taking our cash in their right hand before slapping us with their left. Demanding we defend them while using that saved cash to fund their infrastructure and economic development to steal away markets both here and abroad. Likewise, leaders hoist their responsibilities on us so that when things go wrong, they blame America for not saving them part of the time, and doing too much to shield them at others. Maybe forcing the world to take some responsibility is the only solution. When charity becomes entitlement, does it not lead to animosity as you become embittered at having to give so much only to see so little return?

On the domestic front, San Francisco is suing Trump due to his threat of withdrawing federal funds from sanctuary cities. First problem, you can’t sue government officials over policy. Second problem, there is precedent for the withholding of federal funds to force state and local changes (the most recent being Louisiana and the age to buy alcohol.) Seriously, you want to challenge federal authority, you are going to lose.Sanctuary cities and illegals are freaking out at pending cuts to federal dollars. Well, you guys did defiantly declare you wouldn’t respect federal law. Like an unruly child, time to cut your allowance and teach you a valuable lesson.

Trump is shaking up the status quo. So many have so much invested in the current state of the country and the world they don’t want it to change. You have the Dems who have kept blacks in ghettoes for decades in order to manipulate them into a perpetual state of poverty that they may remain a solid voting bloc and never challenge their lily white authority. You have libs encouraging the free migration of illegal aliens into the country in exchange for cheap labor, defending their “right” to invade to garner support from the Hispanic population which continues to be a political wild card. The Dems won’t legalize them because keeping them desperate and vulnerable is but a step towards likewise isolating and abusing them like blacks. You have a generation that has been stripped of the value of hard work, exceptionalism, individual confidence, and traditional values. Everything is valid, everyone is special, no one should be excluded. In the words of the great French revolutionaries, in a land of liberty and equality, one can only thrive as the other suffers. This addiction to pushing the mediocre in defense of equality has robbed the exceptional of the freedom to reach their fullest potential, but once more, if you laud the worst eventually they become the norm. The same can be said for trade as competitors continue to steal market share, buy up our debt, and government policy erodes the middle class. We are gradually returning to an age of the haves and have-nots. Do you start to see the pattern of the last twenty years? The segregation of groups, the loss of independent means, the increasing reliance of government aid? The Dems want to take us to a state resembling feudal Europe: we will protect you, give you just what you need if you vest us with the authority to rule you. Do you kiddies, you failures, you ignorant loudmouths take the time to see what is happening?

Sex is just an act. Humanity is whatever you want it to be. Our enemies have more rights than we do. Nothing is true or objective. Everything is subjective and subject to changing whims. This is what Trump is trying to overcome as his opposition riots and rampages, similar to the Nazis as Weimar struggled to preserve democracy as extremists did their utmost to keep their nation in perpetual anarchy and nigh hell so that the populace became so scared, so disheartened that they would accept ANYTHING for stability. Trump wants to free us of corrupting influence, to return us to prosperity, to restore our foundation. Who are you with?

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