Troll: In old Norse sources, beings that dwell on isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units (mother-son), and are rarely helpful to human beings. Depending on the source, their appearance varies greatly; trolls may be ugly and slow-witted, or look and behave exactly like human beings, with no particularly grotesque characteristic about them. In the end, they are dangerous to society. My friends, trolls are REAL.

Living in basements, dwelling in frat houses, roaming the digital ether, these creatures posing as human beings have appeared with full force over the last decade. From social media monsters to bro rapers, the online opinionated to the gamer goons they have flooded our world with their myopic, stunted, inane mediocrity doing their best to dissolve the social order.

Lately it seems worse than ever. You have kids being cyber bullied into suicide, games abandoned as “allies” screw you over for jollies and streaming footage, hipsters twisting dialogue into incendiary diatribes derailing any possibility of mature conversation, even losers pulling pranks in the real world committing battery and assault while shrugging into their cameras that it was “just a joke.”

These last several generations have spawned increasingly insular, narcisitic personalities so enamored with themselves that they have devolved into sociopaths. People are not people. These trolls do not ascribe anyone value whatsoever save for subscription numbers. Most of these cretins are no longer the basement dwellers. They are teens with an outsized sense of importance (thank you Nickelodeon and Disney), twenty-somethings seeking quick easy fame, and even parents upset with what fate has given them.

The vulgarity, the sheer vitriol these mongoloids bring with them is enough to make even me surrender my maturity to urges of brutally beating them like the troglodytes they are. But I don’t. I am better than that. Instead, I have stopped trying to reason with them as that is not what they want. It is never what they want. They want that fleeting sense of superiority brought by ruining others. They selfishly covet pathetic scraps of power over others thinking the last word is all that matters. They are rot in physical form. They would be pitiable if not for their  behavior.

These subhumans make me question the future of humanity. Is this what increasing interconnectedness is doing to us; a fade into facelessness? Have we really succumbed to such immaturity that our fellow man has become our shallow entertainment? Our social skills have been eroded by this illusion of human interaction. We no longer talk to each other; just our reflections in black mirrors.

All this possibility and how we waste it like spoiled children.

To the trolls, go back to your holes. One day reality will find you and the light of veracity will burn you.

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