Five years ago an NFL player took a knee for what he believed in. He was ridiculed, forced out of the league, and made an example of by the press. That man was Tim Tebow, a practicing Christian who has spent his free time volunteering for charities, sharing his story, and going out there time and again to do what makes him happiest which currently is baseball. A known team player and considered inspirational by his teammates who he led to the playoffs in his first full season as a starter, he was dropped at the end of the season and largely ostracized afterwards. Despite being cast out for his beliefs, the man has never attacked the NFL, the Broncos, or a culture that increasingly feels uncomfortable about faith. He has moved on and found new endeavors to focus his positivity into.

Fast forward to last season when another player took a knee. In so doing rather than open a dialogue, he has created an issue that no one wants to deal with. The issue is racism and the problem isn’t that racism exists (it does), it is making the blanket (and incredibly stereotypical) statement that all WHITE people are racist and to smear this nation for ALL it’s evil. Ending slavery, freeing Europe from the Nazis, ending the Holocaust, forcing decolonization, billions in aid to the Third World…we have done SO much wrong.

These issues have supposedly existed for decades, yet it took an ATHLETE to reveal the evils within America. An athlete who is proof that if you are dedicated and work hard, one can achieve the American dream of success. But let’s look at the character of a man who protests the oppression of blacks in America. The product of a white mother and black father (though he seems to neglect his mother when dealing with his heritage) he was adopted and raised by a white family who never judged nor punished him for the color of his skin. A scholarship got him into college and his gifts paved the way into the NFL. Once there he had to compete with another QB (Smith, very successful in KC these days) and won the spot with the support of his coach, Harbaugh. He made it to the Super Bowl and just barely lost the biggest game of his career. Colin’s skills degraded and/or plateaued as the seasons progressed. First he blamed his coach, the man who kept him when other felt he should have gone with Smith. Then he blamed those around him. And when he faced being kicked from the team for poor performance (a notoriously lazy player who puts in just enough effort being the last to practice but the first to leave), he blamed the country, white people in particular (the majority of his fans and owners in the NFL) for expecting too much of him (the TRUE oppression he faces). It is a blame game with this amateur who refuses to take ANY responsibility for his fading career and who has set off a firestorm that has gutted the sport and inflamed national opinions. The man has taken a diversion and turned it into a divisive issue.

And now we face an avalanche of protests from players regarding the anthem, a tantrum more than a statement, against those they hate rather than an action against hate. Trump, a truly divisive figure, bluntly stated that these players should be ashamed of themselves and if he could he would fire them. Think about it. These men make mid to high six figures minimum, are worshipped by millions, treated like royalty by the media and are whining about how bad this country is; this country which pays their salaries and watches this game and gives them the opportunity to play a game for a living rather than get a real job that ACCOMPLISHES something of value. Because Trump called these men out for their special station and slapped them down for their pretentious attitudes, like children they refused to come out for the anthem. We’ll show them. Not talk about these supposed issues since most players are far from the most eloquent men and those who are realize the immaturity being shown by fellow players.

These men deserve humbling. They are so far removed from reality, their importance so swollen that they think their banal, mundane views should be given national coverage. If these troglodytes had an an inkling of forethought they’d realize taking divisive actions only leads to further divisions. They’d also realize their VIEW is held by only a minority of the fans. Proving how flawed they are by insulting their fans, they’ll eventually comprehend as the stadiums empty, the ratings plummet, and the ad revenue dries up. Once you alienate your base it is incredibly difficult to get the fans back. Just ask baseball.

And what do we hear from Colin? Only further comments blaming America at every turn including for him not having a contract (winning only one game last season and being locker room cancer couldn’t be the reason why). I don’t see him donating much time or money to the charities he supposedly supports (gotta save that shrinking savings). I don’t see him pursuing anything positive in his life.

So let me ask you, who had a better reason to kneel?

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