With the vulgar protests continuing in Berkeley against Conservative speech, the thuggish attacks of ANTIFA, and the ongoing manipulation of news by the media it’s becoming harder and harder to believe in the right of free speech. There is a growing wave of forces fanatically determined to suffocate thoughts that conflict with theirs and a drive to wedge an opaque shield between us and reality.

Recently I was confronted by someone who did not appreciate one of my posts. I tried to have a cordial conversation only for them to start screaming at me, claiming I did not fact check my article (it was an opinion piece so there was little to fact check though what stats I used were checked), questioning my character (thought it was the article that upset you), and going around to my peers trying to instigate a greater backlash against me. You don’t like what I blog, that’s ok. You loathe me, that’s fine. But then for them to say I had no right to say the things I say, I’m sorry but I do.

This is a pretty big and diverse world. I discovered a long time ago that people do not share the same thoughts and opinions. That is one of our greatest weaknesses and our greatest strength. People should be allowed to pursue their thoughts and opinions to their conclusions. That IS what life is all about. For someone to claim their thoughts are superior and to try to smother the thoughts of another: are your beliefs so flimsy they can’t handle challenge? What exactly is creating this violent reaction that you find ok to direct at another human being? Increasingly we are told to shut up because we’re hurting others with our views but maybe they are hurt because they are too sheltered to realize discourse does not attacking one’s being. Too many people have indulged in the opiate of like-minded opinions that when something interrupts that tranquil stream they go beserk. They drown in those stagnant pools failing to realize there is a wider world out there. That closed-mindedness is the problem, the result of immature souls refusing to open their eyes and see that there is more to this world beyond the boundaries of their human shell. It is a selfishness that fuels tantrums. I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t care if what I say upsets you. Grow up! If you want to chat, then let’s chat. Let’s try to narrow that down, but don’t come at me trying to quiet me and guilt me. I have the right to think what I do as much as you, so deal. You don’t like it, move on. A sentence isn’t a martial declaration and a thought should not have to be censored to suit anyone but it’s creator.

I started this blog due to the building frustration brought about by liberal forces trying to shove every single piece of man into one generalized drone mold. Voices need to be heard, our right to speak needs to be defended.

Do we want an atrophy of thought? Do we want to sacrifice individuality and uniqueness? For God’s sake, flowers will and die without sunlight. What do you think a lack of exposure to reality will do to us? Stop flailing against reality, no matter how dark it becomes. Accept it and build on it’s solid foundation. Words lead to action and action can change everything. Why remove the catalyst? You’re dooming yourself to an addiction of lies.

This world is falling to the whims of children. When are we going to grow up?

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