Though you may or may not believe me, I have been prone to supernatural events. They seem to have a root in my mother, a woman who has told me of her own uncanny ability to see and talk to spirits.

My own tale begins when I was a teenager. I was a reborn Mormon doing his best to speak to God, constantly praying and pleading for signs. For a time, at the age of sixteen, there was this voice that spoke to me. It answered my questions in this calm, soothing voice. At the time I believed it to be the Holy Ghost. There was nothing to fear in that soft voice that spoke to me. It was only later that I would encounter something I truly feared.

I was twenty-two, no longer Mormon, and willing to stretch my metaphysical wings to explore the unknown. I attempted to use a Ouija Board to contact the departed. What I encountered was far from healthy. The board worked quite well the two times I used it. Yet, I felt trepidation. A part of me felt caution using the board as I did. The answers seemed far from truthful the more I thought upon them and the experience unnerving. So I stopped using the board hoping that nothing would come of it. I was wrong.

Over the course of a month strange phenomena began to occur. There was this whisper that I would hear when I slept. This wasn’t the soothing whisper of the Holy Ghost from my youth. It filled me with dread. Something about it…seemed evil. My heart would reverberate against my ribs so hard, the breath catching in my throat when I’d hear that voice. It grew with each night. As the voice grew in volume other phenomena occured. My bed had this…vibration to it, as if someone was gently rocking the frame. The voice itself became much more solid until I heard a stout gasp in my ear calling my name. I couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard I tried over the course of weeks leading into months. I had nightmares when I did rest. Then followed a paralyzing numbness over my body at times. It was like being shot through with electricity, my body vibrating to something foreign; alien.

The night I knew things were progressing towards a diabolical end was the night I awoke to a dark shade standing over me at the head of my bed. I was paralyzed, only able to gasp, as it stared down at me. I sensed such evil from that being. It was enough to keep me up for days afterward.

The incident led me to believe the board was the source of my problems. I remember taking it out back to burn, hoping that doing so would relieve me of this figure. The board would not burn. Everything around it blackened and crumbled to dust, yet that board remained untouched despite dousing it in gasoline. Eventually I tore the board into four pieces, doused it in more fuel, and lit it again. This time it caught and burned. The phenomena ceased for a time after that.

Yet, I’ve not escaped it completely. My brother told me of sensing something in the room I once used for my bedroom where I used the board. Likewise I’ve felt something shake my bed from time to time. The worst moments are when my flesh buzz, like something is inside me. All I can do is rouse myself to make the feeling go away. I do not believe myself completely free of this thing. I only wish I knew what it was. Is it a demon? An angry spirit? Where has my Holy Ghost gone? I cannot fully accept faith in Christianity seeing some of what I have. But neither can I ignore the truth that there is more to Life than what we see.

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