The human condition has never been so precarious. Fragile psyches and faceless existences, flesh fluidity and boundaries thinning; the world keeps getting smaller, crushing us all together. But we’ve never been so distant.

But don’t worry. I found you in the dark. There is something unique about you. Something that needs to be shared with the world. Now the fear in your eyes, I’ve seen it before. The cameras, all those eyes; the pressures of expectation making you shrink like a burning candle.

This point in time, this moment I am going to capture forever. You’ll be forever young. Is the price too high? After today, the life you lived will no longer serve any purpose for you.

Now let me strip you down. I want to see the real you; that vulnerability. I know being naked is difficult. You’re trembling. But the shine in your eyes…I can see myself in them. They can see themselves in them.

Your warmth, streaming. Look in the camera. Always look in the camera! They want you. They need you. You’re not in the shadows anymore.

You exhaust me. You take my rage, my pain, and leave me blessedly empty. You are the vessel for my bitterness spilling on the floor. I open you up, find your heart; the sensation of your life pulsing in my hand. It puts everything in perspective. But the beat soon stops, you go still, your eyes glassy and grey.

Don’t worry, I will upload you. The world will see. Your fragility will stir so many souls. So go, go to the ether. Escape this grim place. I wish I could follow you but I have so many left to find, so many more stars to fill the dark with.

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