When one tries to have a conversation with a Lib, there is no cordiality, no middle ground, and most definitely no common sense. The common Lib dialogue consists of worst case scenarios and inescapable cycles to explain why the world is as it is, soon followed by why some great, overarching authority alone may save us from our flawed selves.

Ask a Lib why they support abortion. ‘Well, if a woman is raped, the baby threatens the mother’s life, the child is deformed…’ These are statistically the least likely reasons one decides on an abortion. Most women decide they want an abortion because they are focused on themselves and their own future. The baby will get in the way of their career, will make getting an education impossible, or they simply don’t feel mature enough to be a mother. Hey, some people simply should never become parents and a child in that situation is not going to grow up in the best of environments. But Libs won’t admit to these selfish, self-serving reasons. No, they have to claim abortion exists solely for the worst outcomes and would never be abused for lesser reasons. Nudge, nudge. Remove that right and people will suffer, THEY WILL SUFFER!

Then there is the issue of illegals. They come here to escape oppression and to find a better life. Mexico is struggling, the cartels are murdering thousands! If we don’t legalize them, they’ll turn to crime and be victimized! We need them to do the jobs no one else will do and if we deport them the economy will crash. Fact, Mexico has been a functioning liberal democracy since the nineties with the effective end of one party rule. They are one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Fact, the increase in illegal immigration has increased following NAFTA which allowed American agriculture to decimate Mexico’s farming sector rendering thousands of migrant workers unemployed. Fact, for such a dangerous country, tourism constitutes a sizeable part of their economy. Fact, Mexicans can’t find jobs. Really? Ever been to southside Chicago, Detroit, or any number of American cities? We can’t find jobs! And the cartels are murdering them? Try our inner cities. The issues brought by drug violence is only exacerbated by the sheer ineptitude, graft, and corruption that cripples Mexico’s government.

Mexicans come here for a better life, that’s true; with an eye for free healthcare, generous social programs, and with the knowledge of guaranteed jobs because, not having to pay taxes or for insurance, they can undercut American worker’s with lower salary demands. You need a license? They don’t! Why prove your competent through certification…and are they? So that bad electrical job burned your house down. Take the insurance money and call the illegals back. They’ll build you a better house cheaper! You’re part of a union? They’re not. They’ll roll back safety gains, limits on hours and more. Competition! See how it makes things better? Especially those cheap migrant workers helping American agriculture stay cheap so Mexican agriculture can’t compete further destroying Mexican farms forcing more Mexicans out of jobs sending them North to work on American farms. Wait, I think I see a pattern.

They don’t come here seeking freedom, nor to be part of the greatest nation on Earth. They come here for better living conditions (gotta love American vs Mexican housing legislation), even though they’ll pile a dozen familia in a one bedroom apartment, and better money while waving Mexican flags (weren’t they oppressed and escaping hell itself), expecting us to make exceptions such as Spanish speaking schools and courts (they don’t pay taxes but want to tell us how to spend tax money), and decrying the racism of Americans for forcing them to live in the shadows (didn’t they come here realizing it was a crime). They as a group do not come here to create a new life and become a part of the American experience. They come here to take advantage with an eye not to becoming an American but to prey on them.

The Mexican government attacks us for our threats to deport despite their vastly more aggressive anti-labor immigrant legislation including seizure of property, jail time, and even shoot on sight. Screw you Central and South America! Mexico takes care of their own. They don’t concede the economic boon that having millions across the border sending money home accomplishes (the unspoken migrant subsidy) or the relief on their own economy not having to deal with larger unemployed numbers.

These illegals are committing numerous crimes from shady business practices to identity theft. The types of individuals who have no respect for law, are willing to do whatever they need to thrive, not just survive, these are the types you want here in the millions? Paying no taxes but taking a portion of yours, helping their country while weakening yours? Let’s not admit that Dems and Libs only embrace illegals in order to entice Hispanics under that crude patchwork tent is their party, doing just enough to keep illegals in manipulable limbo so that they remain a cheap labor force readily kicked if they prove too problematic. Yes, clearly coming to a country where you have no legal rights, poor working conditions, vulnerable to so many forces while facing an increasingly hostile population; it sounds like they made the safer choice.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about the need for “free” entitlements. Healthcare, college education, housing, etc. If we don’t create universal healthcare, people will die. Caps on medical treatment? Increased cost for pre-existing conditions? The poor are suffering and dying now. False. Hospitals are required to help anyone in dire need and most of that cost is shifted to other patients who can pay. And you wonder why your bill is so high. And caps are evil? So after a million plus has been spent with no improvement in a patient’s condition, we should throw more money at a failed treatment rather than accept death is inevitable?

On to increased insurance costs. A person who is far more likely to use their insurance shouldn’t pay more than someone who isn’t? I get into no wrecks and have no tickets so I should pay as much in auto insurance as a person who has had their license revoked several times for DUI and unsafe driving? Universal healthcare doesn’t work. First, it isn’t free. The money to care for these uninsured is not going to just be shifted from somewhere else. Just like how incentives to reduce cost such as preventative care, seeing a primary care physician, fail as most low income individuals simply go to ERs for their needs because of their inability to show any responsibility. Poor diets, smoking, drinking, drug use, refusal to comply with doctors’ orders: how do you keep people healthy who live in poverty? Their ill-health is a sign of their lifestyle, not the cause. Solution? We house them. Because the slums and projects have turned out so well? Generations living in crumbling blocs. Wel then, if we just make college free then everyone can get a degree, get a job, and end poverty…Once more by increasing taxes (taking more money out of the economy), flooding colleges with students of questionable academic qualifications, and doing nothing about the main problems regarding colleges (increasing costs, falling standards and useless majors to retain students, a ridiculous focus on athletic programs). Let’s not talk about the career students who never move  on or the decreasing value of a Bachelor’s degree. Hell, what about the cost to create and expand facilities to take all these new students or how the standard will have to fall even further as now EVERYONE is entitled to an education. Let’s not encourage trade and technical schools which cost a fraction and open the door to well-paying jobs in dire need of filling. Why encourage small business and push people toward jobs desperately needing employees which would then allow for more insured and the ability to afford housing? Nope, free education, healthcare, and housing will turn the tide! Just give it away! It’s free…for the Libs. Just let the workers, conservatives, pay for it.

Liberalism in this country is perpetual teenage angst. There’s a reason why the growth of modern liberalism began around the same time as the rise of the teenager. Don’t work, focus on yourself. Here’s some money, go have fun. Sure you can live under my roof, rent free. These people trumpet the worst case scenario to legitimize anything they support because liberalism is irrationality. Focus on the feels. Don’t think responsibly, plan ahead, or worry about repercussions. The now, that’s important. The reason things have to be dire and the alternative is worse is because Libs don’t want to lose their entitlements. They don’t want to grow up and take responsibility. The world isn’t the greatest place, but to whine about how bad things can be to defend why you sit on your ass, sipping coffee at cafe, arguing the ills of the First World rather than getting up, doing something, anything that would require you to show some actual initiative. Libs are the proverbial downers who think we should all live at the lowest level, retreat to our ghettos, and lie to one another about how equality of squalor is fabulous. Me, I believe in positivity, in shooting for the best I can get and not worry about pulling others up with me. I would rather inspire by example so that others have the choice whether they want to follow me to see what waits over that hill. Some will fail, but not all. What good is an accomplishment if everyone achieves it? The opportunity is what I want, not the illusion.

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