The Left is a disparate collection riven through with contradictory drives and motives. The hypocrisy, ineptitude, and chaos bred by the Democrats has earned their symbol of the ass: stubborn, short sighted, and prone to braying mindlessly.

Let’s begin with the environmentalists. These are the individuals who crow for greater restrictions and who decry the evils of modern society and its lack of respect for the planet. These are the same people who assault whaling boats and commit sabotage of corporate property in their peaceful protests. These are the individuals who believe animals should have the same rights as men in a court of law (evolution has made man so elitist). And don’t get me started on climate change, the ultimate boogeyman. Climate change IS real. Look at the time of the dinosaurs, Ice Age, the ever shifting coastlines, the mini Ice Age, etc. This planet’s climate has been changing for countless millenia. Solar wind, radiation, and flares are largely to blame though you’ll never hear that enter the equation in the hysterical rantings of granola pseudo science who would rather scapegoat man than confront nature as our greatest enemy. And dear God, the sheer idiocy of states like California, land of the granolas, telling the rest of the country how we should live while wrecking Northern California to irrigate Central and Southern California (climate change is only evil if it doesn’t benefit them). And corporations, those faceless entities that are determined to sacrifice men and nature on the capitalist altar, must be demonized and reigned in…unless they are Starbucks, Whole Foods, Chipotle, etc. and pay the taxes necessary for the welfare state.

As for those corporations, have to love how they lobby the libs for free trade agreements and tax breaks; the former to spread the wealth and ideals of American business with an eye to liberalizing governments abroad via the creation of a middle class and the latter to encourage business to keep jobs and factories here. Does that NOT sound contradictory to you? The former is nothing more than a foolish notion at best, a corrupt backroom deal enriching politicians at worst via campaign funds and undisclosed gifts. It was the Dems under Clinton who allowed China into the WTO despite not meeting soecific requirements because, hey, if you open them up to the world market it will lead to social change and givernment reform. Reward before work. Never failed before, right? Let’s not forget the myriad donations various Chinese citizens made to the Clinton presidential campaign. And as for allowing China in, they have deliberately locked out foreign competition while flooding the market with cheap products, even pirated and knock off goods refusing to respect copyrights. We have lost billions to illegal practices and even received goods that would never be allowed domestically otherwise (lead in toys, industrial chemicals in pet food). Yet there is no social change, not when China has no incentive to raise wages above subsistence level in order to keep goods cheap and its citizens dependent on the state. The only ones getting rich are government officials and their families. The wealth that has poured into China has allowed its military expansion and the economic clout has emboldened their expansionist drive to acquire new territory. It has also fueled such industrial growth that the environment in China would make most dystopian vistas appear utopian by comparison. Do I dare bring up the jobs outsourced to India, a nation notorious for its misogynistic rape culture? How about the oppressive states in Southeast Asia? Corporations are helping these nations thrive while causing our own base to wither. Do you really think democracy is thriving as we become increasingly dependent on the goods of communist, totalitarian, plutocracies, and oligarchs?

Ironically the unions support the libs even though they seem determined to take away their jobs. The Dems swear they seek to protect American employment while creating legislation that does otherwise. Oh, the Dems use the unions to strong arm corporations from time to time, but in doing so it is leading to a downward spiral. Unions serve a purpose. Valid wages, safe working environments, healthcare. I support that. But pricing wages too high, demanding profit sharing, seniority that rewards longevity versus productivity. Come on. It drives business overseas where they don’t need to deal with the headache. The Dems scream about how these corporations are stealing jobs while they aid them in doing so and then turn and tell the unions no more…when campaign season rolls around. The union coffers are emptied, the election happens, and then it is business as usual. Detroit is devastated. The heartland is now a rust belt. Employment numbers keep climbing. But hey, we’re there for you with welfare, Obamacare, and further aid. Are we in China?


Illegals and refugees only exacerbate the problem. Cheap labor flooding a saturated market. New bodies to overtax and already strained economy. I do not have a problem with refugees. We need it to the Vietnamese when we abandoned them in 1975. So did the Bosnians when we went in to stop the genocide by Serbia in the Nineties. Even the Iraqis. We started the Second Gulf War, so they are our responsibility. The Somalis? They wrecked their own state and murdered American soldiers because they were loathe to accept Western aid (yet they want to live here). The Syrians likewise, collapsing in a civil war of their own make. We owe them what exactly? But the Dems bring them under the flag of the oppressed without explaining why they are oppressed, why we need to save them, what future plans entail. The Dems bring these groups in because it is easy to segregate them as a group and manipulate them as a faction. We’ll care for you, feed you, protect you. We just need your votes.


While we’re at it,  do we point out the black faction? A people who have been relegated to ghettoes, economically enslaved via an insidious social dependency that has robbed them of drive, self-worth, and economic freedom? A group that continues to listen to the siren song of Dem demagogues who tell them they aren’t safe without their protection. Who foster a racial hatred in blacks against all other groups by keeping them segregated and thus separate from other groups where interaction would lead to understanding. Busing, quotas, social programs: a nice veneer but shallow progress. Graduation rates, median income, percentage of political office and business ownership; what are those numbers? What have the Dems actually done for the black community other than radicalize a once idealistic people.

And then we have the generation created by Dem thinking: millennials. A group that believes in success but not effort, who LOVE to talk but not listen, who demand respect while they insult. They spend more time thinking rather than doing, undermining tradition in some misguided belief that the ills of the world come from the structure rather than the souls qho commit such acts. These individuals are so lacking in understanding of the value in all they have that they readily cast it all aside. They rail about the starving in Africa over their coffees and pastries, speak a out the rights of the disadvantaged while they protest for the rights of the majority to be stolen, attack those who defend their freedoms against foreign enemies by bringing said enemiea to our shores. I can’t even have a rational conversation with them because they automatically see me as the problem. Men should be women. Women should be men. We should give everyone everything they need, regardless of there not being the resources. We have to stop our criticism of others because of the fragility of their feelings…unless you’re a millennial and then it’s ok to curse those you disapprove of. In fact, all of reality has to be censored. There can’t be scales because of how they make fat people feel. There can’t be jails because it is wrong to imprison anyone. Taking their freedoms away? Fascists! The military should be abolished for all the murdering and destruction they bring. Those who speak unwanted truths must be silenced. Damnit, we want the world through a sieve. Filter out all those hard truths!

These groups have not only been wronged by the Dems and forced into their orbit but also work at such cross purposes that together they breed chaos. This is but a small selection of the Dem numbers. Seriously, the party is virtually schizophrenic with its cross purposes. Do you wonder why we have become so polarized?

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