The Oath of Man

Creator of All
Condemner of me,
Dubbed Almighty;
You have no power over me.
You rendered me unfinished
Unto the world
Scarred with flaws
Blind to Truth
Numb and Broken
Modeled upon the Master,
A waning son.
You are a selfish being
That breathed Life into me
If only to smother it
With your laws, your needs,
The weight of your Almighty presence.
You placed this void within my heart
That you alone would fill
To enslave me, tie me to you
And should I remove you
Feel an emptiness
Into which I could only succumb.
How I sought you out
You who abandoned me at birth
To return to you, understand you…
Understand me.
And though evidence of you surrounds me
There is no sign of you.
You whisper across the ages upon pages, through madmen,
But never answer my cries.
You eclipse your light, my looming shade
Damning me to darkness.
I yearn to be but you reject me.
How far-sighted are you?
Vision faded, all the cosmos a fuzzy mess
Able to perceive the whole of Existence
But unable to see me.
You demand faith without truth,
Action without thought,
Price without product,
But what you offer is hollow.
You are more fantasy than philosophy
A legend rather than a history.
You have driven me from you
With your contemptuous perfection,
Your high-minded views
Beyond my mortal reach
Refusing to lift me up
But determined to bury me beneath the dirt
I am destined to return to.
So I remove your stake in me,
Accept this hole into which to fall
Sacrificing innocence upon the altar of knowledge.
I have lit my torch with the Promethean fire.
Through Reason I transcend you
Rejecting my emotion, those seeds
Whose pitiful yield you’ve always reaped.
Barren shall my heart be.
I reject thee, reject thee
Reject thee
For though you crafted man
Man made me.
I shall find purpose
Beyond that of your sycophant.
I shall understand thee,
Surpass thee,
Use your Creation against thee
That I may bring your Kingdom low
And you may taste
The fruits of your own making.
Suffer as I
My God, my bane,
He who made me,
His destroyer.



I cannot sleep
Trembling beneath the strain
As consciousness grabs hold,
Refusing release,
My mind throttling me
With image upon image
So fast as to blur my vision into a miasma.
Stars and clouds and streaks of light
Voices and sounds, all building to a high shriek
As the abstract grows,
Screaming so loudly as to deafen me
Nearly cracking my skull.
The friction between soul and flesh
Causes me to go feverish,
The thoughts so rapid
Like the pulse of someone pushing towards exhaustion.
How I wish for that blessed collapse.

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