Hope: hope is all that is left. Hope that humanity matures. Hope that humanity learns to listen. Hope that humanity realizes we are collective and not singular.

Maturity: that is sorely lacking. We demand without warning and lash out in tantrums when the id is not satisfied. In truth, the id has become swollen, the ego atrophied, and the super ego vestigial. So many of us are nothing more than a collection of drives, so self-consumed by desire, envy, sloth, and gluttony that one begins to believe God was onto something when he warned us of these vices. We giggle at the suffering of others, gibber gossip and half-truths, and whine when we fail to take responsibility. We want the government to be our parents, entitling us because being an adult, supporting oneself; that’s hard. So what if we burden others. So what if our lives are purposeless and introspection myopic at best. I want, I want, I want. I need, I need, I need.

Listen. When is the last time we listened? We are all so drunk with self-importance that we drown one another out droning with other people’s words and opinions, regurgitating half-digested ideas. Dialogue is anathema. With our blogs and podcasts, tweets and posts we find reasons to elevate ourselves or tear others down. So many valueless words, in personal words spouted to draw attention rather than to socialize. Speech has become nothing more than the random barks and how’s of beasts. This inability to listen has condemned tolerance and twisted compromise into surrender. We no longer strive to understand each other. We are islands, increasingly deserted.

We have allowed ourselves to be divided. We are now subgroups of subgroups, unstable particles in a destabilized, dissolving mass. We do not see our collective humanity. We see black and white, atheist and believer, deviant and progressive. We see each other as “the other” and pour all our rage, our feelings of failure and frustration into that image and lash out, like children. We are angry at being misunderstood. Perhaps we should learn to listen and share. We are angry we aren’t successful. Is that because you are not focusing on what’s important and working for, rather than demanding, what truly matters to you? People cry racism as they perpetuate stereotypes. Extremists seek to tear down modernity only because they covet and fear what it means. We take sides and draw up boundaries when we should be working together rather than ripping the fabric of our nation apart.

Every day I hear worse and worse stories. I watch communities collapse and humanity devolve into tribalism. We do not celebrate humanity anymore but clash over it. All media has become vile and sour, entertainment schizophrenic and juvenile. So many have retreated into fantasy, built a life of hollow treasures, or base their worth on the opinions of others. It is maddening. The world is spinning until we are all dizzy and balance is lost.

But I hope. I hope we can be more than our subscribers and likes. We can be more than a subgroups. We can be more than our rants and wants.  I hope we can be human for we have so much possibility.

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