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If the last several days has taught me anything, it is the legacy of former President Obama. As the slaughter continues in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as Iran continues to craft a nuclear arms program, as North Korea blatantly flaunts their increasing nuclear threat, and as Russia is antagonized and backed into the same Cold War corner we thought they had been coaxed from, our foreign status crumbles.

As racial division widens granting petty among segments of the populace acceptance of cop killing, as political polarization leads to talks of compromise being ignored and pathetic grand standing instead becoming the norm, as veterans are disrespected for defending this nation at home and abroad, and as half the nation ignorantly protests, insults the other half’s opinions, and does so in ignorance, I see this nation’s domestic security fade.

I have seen a traitor freed, drug dealers who destroy neighborhoods pardoned, officials constantly berate anyone with common sense, and a First Lady act as anything else race baiting in a manner that would shame even the most ardent Klan member.

I’ve suffered the pain of watching a generation cast off it’s morals, fill that hole with materialism, and sacrifice the willingness to question, instead listening to the tune of sybarites and liars.

I’ve beheld a broken system that our former president refused to fix, choosing talk shows and the golf course instead as his place of need as the cost to the worker increased, the middle class withered, and the desperate masses sold their souls to a sinister government all too willing to increase its power.

I’ve seen our support for Israel threatened, illegals lauded as they wave foreign flags and decry this nation while enjoying the benefits it offers, and seen the thug become worth more than the working man.

Today I saw a child who proudly in vulgar terms insult the new president. He is the symbol of 8 years of Obama: Disrespectful, self-entitled, and ignorant. He is angry but doesn’t know why, he repeats what others says simply because it’s easier than forming his own opinion, and he wants. God does he want emotionally. 8 years of Obama has rendered a vast swath of this nation hollow. It has enflamed old hatreds, cast aside tradition and values, and embraced to near suffocation the belief that a want, any want, is good regardless of others.

This is a rant but it is also the core reason Trump won. Those who still love this country have taken their country back. And why is that a good thing? Because if rioting and mockery, threats and lies are all you have, then the Left strips itself of the right to opposition.

Take your ill gotten wealth, your tarnished medals, and your empty awards, Obama. Take them with you out into the real world and see what value they truly hold.

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