Over the past week, the sheer ignorance shown by the Left in this country has reached the point of making Goebbels appear to be impartial.

The recent chemical attack in Syria has served to reinforce why the US needs to bring the Assad regime down. Not simply to check Russian influence, but violating the laws of war, murdering civilians, children included, is a crime against humanity that should land that bastard in the Hague facing execution. But the Left, in their wondrous fugue, have railed against Trump’s retaliation for such crimes, crying that it is all a sham; clearly manufactured or the acts of fundamentalist forces. Clearly the despotic Assad government would never commit such a heinous act…Despite video proof, a history of torture and murder, known caches of chemical weapons, etc, etc. Yes, let’s give Assad the benefit of the doubt. Children are being targeted and the Left turn a blind eye. But then again when has the Left ever cared about children?

Nect, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has been halted due to political differences. Despite an excellent record, the Dems refuse to confirm him because of his political opinions. Leaving the questionable choice of Sotamayor who was clearly chosen for her *limited experience and not for her “trumpeted” gender and race. Yes, while we have liberal judges legislating from the bench in clear violation of constitutional law, we now have the Dems creating a deadlock that is crippling one third of the federal government because they care more about political affiliation and appearances instead of credentials. The Left, who claim personal opinions and views should not factor into a person’s employment are now riding that horse into the ground, kicking it, shooting it, tying it to the bumper of their Prius, dragging it several miles, selling the meat to France, and then using said money to buy their fashionably trans toddler their first BDSM outfit. Too far? Exactly. There will be those who claim that the position should have been filled by Obama’s appointee in the final year of his term despite the poor choices he rammed through in his last months, the limited time to properly vet a candidate, and the tradition of Lame Duck presidents. But when has the Left ever respected tradition?

I was even in the hospital recently and a nurse decided to have a political debate with a patient. When healthcare providers start attacking Trump supporters rather than healing, the erosion of civility has gone gangrenous. Seriously, have we reached the point where healers now refuse professional treatment over personal choices? Attacking the vulnerable in your care? Seeing an enemy where you should see a patient, a person whose life is in your care; one questions your ethics if not your humanity. “I” should care who you voted for?

The sheer insanity that has gripped the Left, this juvenile foot dragging and tantrum throwing that is now threatening lives and stability. Grow up! The world does not adhere to your opinions no matter how many lies you tell one another. Rather than creating negatives, why not foster positives? The latter will garner you more support than the former. Work hard, sacrifice, make the world a better place. Stop screaming insults and focusing on negative thoughts, believing you’re entitled, challenging just to challenge. Work with the Right or always be wrong.

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