The illusion has become the real. Losers think they are winners, criminals are the victims, the thoughts of youth hold more value than those of age, and the worker has become the slave to the worshippers of sloth.

One could blame the nineties for stripping rewards for accomplishments. One could argue that the forcible inclusion of outcasts removed the need for even the most twisted to conform. Or maybe it was the Nazi-esque adoption of a new vernacular that served to only segregate and degredate…With a smile.

Insults and verbal attacks start with the “ennobling” intentions that only sours the venom that follows. Good men and women are insulted simply for having a thought while the vacuous minds that serve to perfectly echo absent mutterings are given preference. Inclusion means exclusion and tradition is outdated.

Children disrespect their parents and chase an early end to their innocence, driven by the support of those purveyors of false realities. Youth is no longer a time discovery. It is a time for material addiction, lustful inhibition, and disillusionment. The further one can stray, the greater the accolades. Harsh truths are to be avoided, lessons unlearned. The lie, that is what youth is told to hold onto the tightest. That brief moment before maturity, that simplistic period must never signal an end. Keep dreaming, lose yourself in it like a fog because any mature destination is to solid and finite.

People can’t talk to one another anymore. Our gregarious nature has been corrupted, tainted by this wretched pause of worry. We are becoming stunted, anxiety-riddled, spiritually crippled mask wearers whose true faces have been veiled so long one wonders, even the wearer, what lies beneath.

This is a world where the illusion has eclipsed the real. The venal lecture on morality, actors expound on how they know more about the world from their stages and closed sets. But the politician, he still lies only now it serves to wreck the country rather than coddle it.

Teens live stream suicide as the outraged watch wide-eyed like Coliseum crowds. News skews. Entertainment possesses the cultish desire to drive us to accept it’s doctrine of empty materialism and veneer veneration, sweet propaganda. Reality television: anything but.

We are lost, lost in the mists that cloud even the peaks of the most solid mountains. But some of us, some, still search for an end to the immaterial; me most especially. I am tired of the creeping fugue that steals my consciousness ever increasingly. Aren’t you?

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