This is an era of lies. People defy their genes, illegals declare their rights, the lazy believe themselves more entitled than the contributor, and racists commit racist acts under the guise of equality. This is a generation of short attention spans, sheltered experiences, and lauded mediocrity fried in naïveté.

Where to even start. With the gender spectrum? Guys, your sex is physical. Your gender is physical. If your attracted to a specific sex, that’s sexual orientation. If you are passive, aggressive, feminine, or masculine by demeanor, that is personality. To believe yourself something you are not is psychosis. I’m sorry your parents indulged you and those ultimate purveyors of fantasy, the entertainment industry, took up your cause but mutilating yourself, playing dress up, invading other people’s privacy, even demanding that others bend to your myopic view; that’s insanity. I’m not saying seek professional help, but stop expecting others to believe what you do. If someone cuts themself, it’s a mental issue. If someone starved themself or binge and purges, it’s a mental issue. But mutilating your genitalia, lying to lovers, messing with your body chemistry: that’s valid. Really?

Illegals are criminals. They cross the border illegally, they seek services intended for citizens (sometimes fraudulently via identity theft), demand we give their children free education while they steal jobs at wages Americans can’t match (we pay taxes, live above the poverty line, etc.), turn entire neighborhoods into hostile enclaves waving foreign flags proclaiming pride for the country they fled while stealing from our country as it presents opportunity. Canada and Mexico slam us for being cruel by demanding they go back despite both countries possessing nativist laws far more protectionist for their jobs and their social services. For those who say grant amnesty, we did in 1987. The result was MORE illegals as amnesty has convinced them all they have to do is wait for further legislation. Even now they have changed tactics and claimed it is a crisis being perpetrated scaring them with deportation and breaking up families. You committed an illegal act and expect us to reward you for that. You aren’t a refugee. You aren’t fleeing persecution not being harassed for being foreign. You are a CRIMINAL even by the laws of your own country. Stop playing the victim and expecting your neighbor to house and feed you. If you want American aid so badly, seek statehood. Otherwise you are owed nothing!

Shall we deal with the bums who think themselves princes entitled to free healthcare, housing, and stipend as they refuse to work, refuse to seek opportunity, and cry out for more support as they give up on themselves. They prowl our streets, attack innocent people, threatening neighborhoods with their refusal to respect communities. They moan of how they can’t escape their destined poverty as they spend all day on their ass, hand out expecting a reward for the sloth that is their religion. What is needed is not shelters but chain gangs. Arrest them and put them to work for their food. Enforce drug tests to determine if they are a burden unworthy of aid. Dump them at the outskirts and warn them from coming back. These are not people who care to achieve anything. Their very nature is so devoid of drive, so based on immature instant gratification that we should support it’s survival? Make them learn the price of living and starve until they are willing to work for their food.

Don’t even get me started on the racial issue. Black teens attacking elderly white women, black crowds rioting through neighborhoods, blacks putting up signs telling whites to stay out of their neighborhoods (said signs even telling whites to stop breeding because we are perpetuating violence and racial injustice). Blacks demand quotas that give jobs BASED ON RACE, but only theirs. Blacks claim cops profile them despite the rise in gang violence, drug violence, and domestic violence in their neighborhoods. Their music and media mocks whites, whereas if we were to do the same they’d demand boycotts. They want any crime committed against them deemed a hate crime as they target innocent people for the knock out game, roam in packs to quasi-lynch whites, and even attack their own from live streaming murders to victimizing their own families. They laud lewd behavior, gang banger lifestyles, cons, and dreams of fortune via sports. They do not share their kids to be better, if there are even two parents in the home. They don’t dare their children to go to college and be teachers, doctors, or businessmen. They play the victim because otherwise is too hard. Work is too hard. Getting out of that subsidized ghetto is hard. Disproving stereotypes is hard.

And to all the spoiled hipster throwbacks sitting in their coffee shops, debating theories on what the world should be before their afternoon protest against free speech at the college they attend on their parents’ hard earned dime, maybe you should put down that phone, stop listening to your shortsighted fellows, and actually go out into the world to see what your condemning. You want to call conservatives fascists? My grandfather’s fought fascists in WWII so those suffering under their regimes could simply live. You attack others simply because you don’t agree with what they believe. You are the intolerant jackbooters who make tyranny possible, not allowing dialogue because your afraid it just might shatter your shallow sensibilities. You all live in bubbles and flail about to keep reality from intruding. You want your freedom; freedom from responsibility. You want to insult everything that doesn’t suit your adolescent view of reality. You’re children, lost children.

This country has a generation so devoid of investment in it’s future that we teeter on the edge. When the lights fail and the buildings crumble, when the food runs out and our enemies encroach on our borders, will you kids THEN wake up or fall even deeper down the rabbit hole? Let the glow of digital limbo guide you like the wisp to your own demise as all it’s images stream through your soft fingers.

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