I am seriously close to losing what patience I have with the Left in this country. It was ignorant enough when students protested Trump’s election (a large number under 18 so no one really cares what you think because you can’t vote for anything other than American Idol or Dancing with the Stars which proves the importance America puts in you). Then came ANTIFA and other armed thugs attacking anyone and everyone who disagreed with them in order to “protect free speech.” Make sure to clean the blood off your designer jackboots. And let’s not get started on those privileged, sheltered, mental midgets in the NFL taking a knee to protest…something. None of them can agree on what they are attacking (other than women after the game). Now, I kid you not, they refuse to have a moment of silence for the victims in Las Vegas because America deserved it for not having fun control. FFS, can you cretins not show an ounce of empathy for anyone other than yourselves? The sheer boorishness of your immature behavior is so revealing of the hollow shells of humanity that you are that what little respect remained for you has dissolved in the toxic environment you have created (despite your cries for Paris accords, you soul polluting trogs). I seriously cannot lower myself far enough to follow their worldview.

Guess what you selfish, self-entitled, parasitic, empty-headed, mentally ill, emotion-riddled, safe space needing, race baiting, morally bankrupt, shallow socialist shills: just because you make a lot of noise, destroy a lot of property, and wolf pack together to share your limited thinking (reinforcing your tiny worldview). We don’t agree with you. We don’t have to and if you “children” keep up with this type of behavior you are going to receive a well and truly deserved ass whipping. For despite all the noise you make, and it is just that as nothing intelligible is pouring out of frothing mouths, you are not the majority. One day you’ll discover that and, hopefully, feel the shame you have earned.

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