I have stretched common sense to snapping trying to fathom the current issues we are facing regarding North Korea. This is a despotic, criminal, irresponsible regime that has shown an utter lack of rational thought despite what the ‘experts’ state.

Leadership is vested in a bloodline that the people see as Heaven sent and a divine amalgamation of Jesus, Buddha, and Superman. The Leader is pure, all knowing, immortal, and capable of defeating all the armies of the world should he wish it. For his ‘protection,’ the citizenry swear their very lives. It is a damn cult. Not a cult of personality but an out and out cult. The man, and Kim is a very flawed man, is seen as so infallible that any moral boundaries have been erased by the legion of sycophants drowning out what trickle of truth manages to leak. The man’s weak character is obvious from the gluttony he has indulged in. As for being a kind and benevolent figure, the numbers of people murdered to secure his rule, the increasing numbers of those starving or imprisoned in camps bordering on cities in size, even the incursions into foreign territories to assassinate perceived enemies betray that image.

Domestically Kim has shown a paradoxical view insular and open measure. He continues to foster the xenophobic worldview that makes Jim Jones seem social. The world, America in particular, is determined to wipe them out. Only through every man, woman, and child willing to die for their portulent dictator will protect them from the hordes. Yet, Kim then builds resorts and amusement parks with the intention of fostering tourism (obviously foreign as few in North Korea can afford the costs). But he continues to keep North Korea one of the most restrictive to outsiders requiring handlers for each individual, strict laws and rules (even how one may photograph the statues of Kim’s predecessors), forcing out all foreign businesses, and arresting a sizeable number of foreigners who do enter.

North Korea build roads with no cars to use them, refrigerators with no food to put in them, cities that allow few to inhabit them, and a military that is as afraid of each other as they are of the enemy. It’s economy functions primarily via criminal and black market enterprise. Medical care continues to fall behind (antibiotics, modern/sterile equipment, hell, no electricity) with foreign doctors having to PLEAD to  be allowed in for humanitarian reasons. Aseople starve and the humanitarian crisis grows, money and resources are diverted to antagonistic endeavors that only further cut them off from aid (as most cults are infamous for, making their followers increasingly dependent on them).

Their foreign policy is worse. They attack the occasional South Korean vessel then flee back to their waters. They launch missiles at Japan with juvenile glee. They hack movie studios because of a satire based on their God. And now they have nuclear weapons!

To the morons who say we need dialogue with this madman, I ask you to travel to North Korea and see what words get you. This is a regime that we have attempted diplomacy with for going on nearly seventy years and we haven’t even been able to get them to sign a peace treat for a war that has been over for sixty years! They promised to end nuclear weapons research for aid (they have nukes now), they opened their borders to foreign companies to spur their economy only to then oust said businesses because, surprise, they saw CAPITALISM as a threat to their economy (which was doing so well?). They have kidnapped foreigners abroad, shown no respect for borders, and print/broadcast the most vile lies in their state owned media making it difficult if not impossible for the regime to compromise without appearing to be disreputable. For God’s sake, they ransomed their own people to allow family reunions with Southern relatives (pay us and we’ll do the MORAL thing).

North Korea has no intention of working within the framework of the international community. It’s very existence is based on lies. It’s people must remain desperate and dependent or else it all falls apart. Success, ironically, undermines their leader for it proves they do not need him. For Kim, that is unacceptable. Remember Waco, Jonestown, Nazi Germany? Diplomacy didn’t work. These men are willing to wipe out every one of their devoted citizens because the thought of losing power over them is impossible to accept. North Korea has gone so mad they may even believe the illusions they conjured as opiate for the masses. They would attack innocent lives for no other reason than paranoia and fleeting intoxicating supremacy (masters of life and death, before the retaliatory strikes come raining down).

The time for restraint is over. It’s time to bring Kim down before he sacrifices every last soul to his own ego.

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