Recently, Obdulia Sanchez was driving her 14 year old sister and her sister’s friend home. As she was driving, she veered off the road overturning the car and ejecting the two young girls from the car. The friend suffered minor injuries while the sister died. Sounds like a tragedy? For all the wrong reasons.

Obdulia was livestreaming the drive on Instagram, paying more attention to the camera rather than the road. As she consistently let her hands slip from the wheel to preen, pose, and flail to the music she lost control of the car. What compounds Obdulia’s sheer lack of responsibility or taste, she then turned the camera back on to livestream the death of her sister from her gruesome injuries. It was macabre to hear Obdulia comment how her life was ruined before even commenting on her sister’s suffering.

The parents refuse to blame their daughter for the death of her sister even now as police believe Obdulia was intoxicated at the time. The sister’s friend is blaming social media for the accident. Is this seriously the mindset of people today?

The sister is drunk, playing on her phone, and being incredibly irresponsible with her sister in the car. She killed someone with her negligence and then broadcast it in one of the most tasteless displays I’ve seen in modern times. She showed no respect for her sister either before or after the accident but don’t blame her? Blame her need for attention? Blame social media for the pressures of popularity they foster? Why not admit that someone chose to do the wrong thing, killed someone, and should be punished for it. Why not stop shifting blame to strawmen, scapegoating via moral relativism? Criminals are the victims.

This inability to accept blame, this pathological behavior to pursue unhealthy outlets for attention, this sheer lack of empathy for another person especially one’s own blood is so sad it is nigh on darkly satirical. It’s devilishly farcical. Is this frame of mind acceptable to people? Have we so removed ourselves from measures of morality that we could EVER give this child, for she is not mature in the slightest, for murdering her sister by negligence?

People, this is a sign of the decay that has set into the foundations of our society. We have all become victims.

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