Recently doctors rewrote the DNA in embryos to remove a harmful genetic disorder. The scientific community hailed this achievement and the possibilities it opened up. And then the zealots started shouting.

‘This is ethically wrong. How long before we start designing our children right downtown their eye color? Will treating life like computer code strip it of value? Will the rich become even MORE dominant with the opportunity to increase the strength, intelligence, endurance, and beauty of their children?’

I am an incredibly progressive person. The fears of technology and progress have existed from generation to generation. It attempted to bury the heliocentric model (which physics would struggle without). It forced men to rob graves for cadavers in order to study human anatomy (modern medicine says thank you). It would have us disconnect computers (because efficiency, interconnectedness, and freedom of expression, which has toppled despotic regimes mind you is too much for many). Fear is the greatest threat to man and what so many have forgotten is part of being an adult is to challenge that fear for the betterment of yourself.

This fear that the rich will somehow become a super race is so much sci-fi shit and classist thinking, believing that it is always just a matter of genes rather than drive. Do you think the rich don’t already enjoy a better lifestyle (better healthcare, educational opportunities, even marrying spouses to up their genetics based on looks or shared talents)? In fact, this belief that our genes predetermine our fate is bordering on social Darwinism (Hitler would approve). Wealth is an erosive influence. You need drive to get it’s and once you have it, it dissolves your drive. One can be the most superior genetic being in existence but without drive, it doesn’t matter. It is hunger and want and desire that makes men great, not blood and most assuredly not pedigree.

I am about to become a father again, and if I had the opportunity to give my child all the possibilities I could I would not hesitate to do ALL I could, right down to their health and genetic future. This new medical procedure opens the door to finally eradicating many of the issues that have plagued humanity since it’s creation. Cancer, schizophrenia, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, and more can be erased from our very essence. We can do away with learning disabilities, prolong our life spans, enhance the human experience. This IS the next step in our evolution which will make possible further opportunities such as space exploration and even further understanding Life and it’s place in Existence.

Is it guilt that some of us will receive the opportunity and some won’t? Is that moronic way of thinking, that we should all fall rather than some succeed, what permeates this argument? Is it misplaced philosophy and/or spiritual belief (which has been heavily tainted by moral relativism and tunnel vision which supports hooking up husks to machines and using faith rather than medicine to heal)? Are the Luddites back in resurgence? Or is it fear; fear of what we could become.

This misplaced fear of progress would hold us back in the darkness of misery. Excuses, so many excuses. But shouldn’t we each be given the chance to have the choice? Why should a fearful minority decide the date of billions? If you don’t approve of tinkering with the code of Man, then just don’t do it. But don’t tell us we can’t move forward because you want to keep looking back blind to the road ahead.

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