So once more we find ourselves embroiled in war, despite the “label”
that has been attached to the newest conflict. A single, limited
military strike. That is what the President has called for concerning
the “alleged” use of chemical weapons in Syria. This, despite the
fact, that Syria is not a signatory of Protocol II of the Geneva
Convention which outlaws the use of chemical weapons regarding
“internal” conflicts, i.e. civil wars. This despite the fact that we
have no true foreign investment in Syria. This, despite the fact,
being yet another tumultuous conflict in a tumultuous region, that
regardless of result, will likely end up in the establishment of yet
another regime whose interests most assuredly do not coincide with our

I have my own reasons for supporting non-intervention ranging from the
cost of this “single strike” which will accomplish nothing, in fact
more than likely further embroiling us in a conflict we have no cause
to become involved in, to how it threatens our international relations
(Russia). Libya is a prime example of how providing limited support
and maximum investment leads to minimal gains, Libya being a
“democratic” state that most recently murdered US personnel. This is
yet another example of providing “limited” support/aid only to be
drawn further and further into a destructive conflict (Vietnam,
Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.) which not only concerns us but leads to
serious repercussions, both economic and cultural.

There comes a time when the US has to step back and let the world
decide its own fate. We cannot be the Almighty arbiter, if not simply
because the cost has become too great monetarily to us, but also
because it has engendered animosity abroad. We do our best to protect
the world and they hate us for it and who can blame them. Our good
intentions over the decades have led to the establishment of
dictatorial regimes, the macro welfare of the third world to aid, and
a certain jingoistic, arrogant American attitude. We have gone from a
humble people seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to a
people certain of Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism, and
cultural conquest.

There was a time when we were a beacon to the world, a distant light
to remind humanity of what could be and how it continued to burn even
in the darkest night to inspire, encourage, and guide. Sadly, our
international commitments have forced us to fuel that fire so brightly
that its light illuminate the globe. The light that burns the

Washington warned us of foreign entanglements, of becoming involved in
affairs that had nothing to do with us. The ruinous costs, the loss of
generations to useless wars, the burden of carrying load for foreign
populations. America was to be an example, a symbol. Something to show
the other nations what could be accomplished by one’s own hands. Good
intentions led us to try and save the world from itself. I only fear
we have sacrificed ourselves in the process.

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