So here we are, again, rubbing sphere’s of influence with Russia. It is clear that Putin’s goals are a return of Russia not only to great power status but American competitor once more.

People can rant regarding Russia’s interference in the election which is still a pretty shaky case to make, but Russia’s foreign policy has been aggressive to the extreme. The humbling of Georgia, which Bush failed to stop; the castration of Ukraine with Crimea hoisted for all the world to see (thanks Obama for rattling the saber so comedically long until it was obvious you lacked the spine to use it), and now Russia’s interference in the Syrian civil war (though Syria claims it isn’t a civil war. Semantics).

Unlike his predecessors, Trump has met force with force. An international crime was committed as civilians were attacked with chemical weapons. There is video proof and eye witness accounts, and yet there is outrage here in America that Trump retaliated to give Assad pause regarding any further homicidal acts? The libs realize they are the targets of such regimes? Individuals who protest, who challenge status quo are not appreciated by men like Assad and yet libs defend this murderer of children, this ally of big bad Putin who, ironically, the libs attack at every opportunity.

Trump is standing up against the growing tide of despotism that is sweeping the world. China, North Korea, and Russia have been emboldened to fill the vacuum created by Obama’s empty policies that did little to curtail the nuclear arming of our enemies, the increasing terror attacks in Europe and America, and expansionary policies that are threatening true war for the first time in generations. These are powers that do not respect us, do not respect democracy or freedom, and whose intentions are rightly to be feared.

One has only to look at Russia under Putin. Chechnya rebelling, the economy floundering, the military collapsing. And then Putin came to power. He sharpened the military by unleashing it on a sovereign state (Chechnya) committing borderline war crimes to win a war many thought unwinnable. When his hard nosed style proved successful, the Russian people turned to him in desperation. He attacked the oligarchs in order to solidify his economic base and the people cheered. The press dared to question the legality of his actions, and they were dissolved, imprisoned, and threatened. The world did nothing. Putin then used state resources to further but off the public’s support for his growing authority and they readily accepted his gifts. When he fixed the election, they shrugged. When he ruled by proxy, they carried on. When he returned to the presidency, they didn’t even blink.

He attacks minorities, homosexuals, and political dissidents. As long as they aren’t the average Russian, they don’t care. The “other” has become the scapegoat for Russia’s decay in the nineties. These citizens who would be his greatest critics are maligned and rounded up.

And when there was no one else to blame for their moribund situation, Putin turned his eyes west. It was the west that had stripped away historically Russian lands, the west that was encroaching on their borders, the west that had economically taken advantage of the Rodina bringing with them the very social ills that Putin was removing. The people embraced Putin’s bellicose words. Why not? The man was actually getting things done! Who cared how.

So into Georgia he charged under questionable pretenses and no one did anything. Into Ukraine he marched we simply watched. Now he is stretching his reach into Syria. It is appeasement all over again, using excuses to follow an aggressive foreign policy with an aim that is clearly set against us. How long before he starts pressing into Central Asia under the excuse of the war on terror or bullying the Baltics reasserting their sphere of influence? This man uses oil and gas to force Europe into silence like a drug pusher uses crack. Our allies across the pond are not going to stand up to this growing threat.

So Trump is drawing a line in the sand, saying that he will not accept this naked threat to freedom. Putin is a man who understands weakness, but only respects strength. You want to stop him? You need to fence him in, expose his true nature, and once his own people realize what he really is, a power hungry dictator who is as much a threat to them as he is to the rest of the world, then you’ll finally see him fall. Otherwise, he’ll just keep feeding the fire with soul after soul until all the world burns. Stop Putin and you give China pause. Make China doubt in confrontation and they’ll be forced to reign in North Korea.

People, we have China blatantly violating international law, North Korea committing murders on foreign soil, and Russia destabilizing state after state. The question shouldn’t be why we’re attacking but why it took us so long to.

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