I was raised to take responsibility for my actions, whether good or ill. To do so, in my eye, is a sign of maturity. As I’ve grown older, traveled, and increased the pool of people in my life, I’ve discovered such thinking is incredibly outdated.

I could speak about the lack of self-reliance that has led to ghetto torpor. I should rail on criminals who embrace moral relativism in order to lighten the weight of their crimes. Seriously, what about politicians who refuse to our country and constituency before petty pride, career drive, andmoral torpitude?

No, no, no I won’t go micro. Today let’s go micro. Let’s talk about the teenager who sits on the couch all day playing on the phone to suddenly say it’s too late to do chores and they didn’t get around to it because they were busy. Let’s ponder those cretins who leave pets and infants in hot cars and “forget” in the euphoria of of consumerism. Let’s scream at the trogs who turn their backs on subsidized education, paid employment, and civic responsibility to destroy the property of others in massive tantrums not worrying about the cost to others. Do I need continue? Do I NEED to burst an artery?!?

No one today cares to think about their responsibilities. Not about being a good parent, not bothering to respect the rights and values of others, simply not fathoming what being human is all about. This is an age of such numbness, such obliviousness that we aren’t just islands, we’re lost in fog.

It is insane, this venal selfishness, this disconnect from community that people wonder why are morals have fallen and our standards have decayed. This is a time where experience is third person, where the thoughts of others serve as sweet nectar for the intellectually thirsty.

So many are automatons now. The lemmings keep running for the cliffs expecting someone else to serve as their salvation from self-destruction. Everyone thinks they’re kings now, gods whose existence is better served fantasizing. Dream as the world burn. Become lost by the flash of black mirrors, blind to how you waste your lives.

It is crazy, but it is not beyond possibility that the change is deliberate stripping us of individual drive. The youth today scream about rights without realizing how much more they have than others, the price paid to secure those rights, the reasons why those rights are at times restrictive. People only want to rhetorically query as they seek out new, unhealthy pasttimes because their idle minds and hoarded energy sours within their pasty, emaciated forms sriving them to tear their very souls apart just to do something, anything without understanding where this drive comes from. Drugs, streaming suicides, broadcast sexcapades. Debase your flesh as long as you can feel something, be heard by someone, ascribe some meaning, however hollow, to your squandered life.

You people realize purpose doesn’t always find you. Wars, opportunities, movements: they are the rare wave in otherwise still waters. Sometimes you need to seek it out. Sometimes you need to take a chance. Sometimes you just need to take that first step. Search, don’t expect to ne carried.

Responsibility. It humbles you when you’re wrong, inspires you when you’re right. It makes you think of others, it spurs you to action. Responsibility makes you a better person. Valuing nothing, heeding nothing, makes you an acolyte of nothing. Empty. You are so damn insubstantial that no one gives you creedence because you don’t exist. Talk talk talk. Get the hell up. Do. Show your support for something. Anything. Give your life some weight and substance. Don’t atrophy. Build. Grow. Otherwise you’re just going to fade away in that fog, unseen like your refle tion in the black mirror you spend so much time gazing into.

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