There is a general disconnect in this country. Reality has become a subjective thing, so subjective that solid facts are casually discarded for comfortable beliefs. I can’t help but feel like the one sane individual as the world compliments the emperor on his new clothes.

Disclaimer: First and foremost this is an attack on the sheer insanity of the Left in this country. Liberalism exists to challenge the norm, to push for change, to give voice to the generally unheard. In repressive regimes that mindset can lead to noble acts and necessary change. In open societies, such vestigial drive leads to the creation of false enemies and mediocre campaigns. It has led to the attacks on Trump and democracy, the transgender debacle, the illegal and Muslim immigrant problem, and the failure of race relations.

We are a nation of free speech and an empowered electorate. So why is it when someone stands to speak in support of Trump or conservative values, they are not simply hounded but many times attacked? Liberals moan about how they are oppressed and their rights threatened, yet do you see the police breaking up their rallies? Do you hear about the opposition sending in individuals to break up their meetings? When the system supports them, the libs hail democracy. When they lose, they cry foul for surely the majority supports their views. Rioting, assaults on conservative supporters, attempting to undermine election results; truly the defenders of freedom.

The attacks on Trump are insane. Russian stooge, nepotist, incompetent, elitist, irrational, racist. Seriously, because he’s a rich white male he is surely evil. I mean every other president wasn’t a rich white male, well, save for Obama. The man has been in office less than a hundred days and already his legacy is being attacked before it has even started. He has reasserted federal laws that have been neglected, created new jobs, is renegotiating trade deals made predominantly by Democrats to favor corporations and foreign states rather than the American people, has put the media, more concerned with commentating and manufacturing rather than reporting in their place, and is driving this country into the early stages of a bull market. Yes, he is so evil. He has brought family into his administration. You know, like JFK. The libs hate the Kennedys right? What about FDR and the favors he pulled for his sons while in office.

It is hilarious that Obama came into office without experience, without a plan, with no true insight into national office. He was given the Nobel Peace prize for what he “may” do (spark off a war in Libya, bomb Syria, increase troop numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan, peaceful stuff), lauded by the press as one of the greatest presidents ever as he spent more time golfing, appearing on talk shows, and issuing his annual diktats by teleprompter rather than attempting to reach compromise with the opposition. He stoked race relations repeatedly taking the sides of blacks rather than taking the moderate high road or even waiting for evidence of racial discrimination. This man was a failure as president and the libs laud him yet decry Trump before letting him prove himself one way or another. Judging someone without cause. The libs would never do that!

Now we have the issue of illegals and Muslim immigrants. Let’s get things straight. Stop comparing your ancestors’ coming to America to the illegal and Muslim journey. Your family came here for opportunity. They also came here for a fresh start. They came to become Americans. They learned the language, defended the nation in war, paid taxes. Illegals come here for opportunity. Theirs. They fly foreign flags, refuse to speak our language, show no pride by abusing social programs and using their children as anchors to stay here all while funneling money back to their home countries. They pour across our borders from failed states, still cheering their failed homelands while decrying America as arrogant and xenophobic. These people don’t like you. In fact many of them think less of you. You’re not one of them and never will be. And the issues they raise, being preyed on by others due to their illegal starus, made pawns for political leverage, hell, even allowing criminals to sneak in amongst the horse to do what they please. These are the people libs want to keep here, wrecking the economy as they take American funds that could be better spent in so many ways but is invested in the failed hopes of integrating illegals.

The Muslim refugees are no better. First, why is it the Muslim world refuses to house any of these refugees? Why must they be relocated thousands of miles away in foreign cultures that many refugees despise? Why are young men fleeing when they should be fighting? Because the whole point is a diaspora. They want Muslims seeded throughout the west to gain a foothold. And these people by and large do not mean well. They have opinions ranging from child molestation to misogyny bordering on sexual assault that should make you sick. These people deserve to come here? Somehow we “owe” it to them?

And let’s just curbstomp the elephant in the room: race relations. Blacks cry out about the oppression they face. Their young men are in prison, they have no opportunities to improve their plight, white people attacking them in myriad ways. They are downtrodden. They are victims. That’s why they rampage through cities destroying property, targeting whites especially. Ignore college unless it’s to become a professional athlete. Join gangs to find the families their broken homes can’t provide. Use quotas to receive jobs they aren’t qualified for to give that veneer of equality. Yes, they are victims…when they don’t get what they want. They are deserving when they do. Birth of a Nation was made by a black auteur to glorify the rape and murder of whites, its sheer banality lauded to the cheers of white guilt and the genocidal enthusiasm that is white liberal America. It’s hilarious libs take up their cause especially when blacks are incredibly hostile to transgender and homosexual individuals, the current pet cause of the Left in America.

Dear God, transgender. You know what they call it when you believe something that isn’t real? Mental illness. I don’t care if you think you are male or female. Your genitalia defines you. And before you make this a gay bashing article, sexual orientation is a reality. What excites you excites you. But transgender is nothing more than an individual grasping a fantasy because they believe it. Libs bash Christians for believing in something unprovable and yet they defend this. Hey, if you want to live in delusion, that is your choice. But when you try to alter society to fit your skewed view, then you’ve gone a step too far. It is deviant, it is laughable, and it is only encouraging mental illness. Seriously, a “boy” won Texas’ wrestling championship. Unisex bathrooms have led to a rise in sexual assaults. And on that note, why should you be allowed to enter my restroom? I don’t care what you believe. Why should my rights, the right of the majority, be sidelined for the one percent of one percent? Is that not tyranny? Hey, you think you’re the opposite sex, people nod but if I claim I’m Napoleon I get a psych consult. The insanity. And it is reinforced. People say kids know who they are and if a boy thinks he’s a girl, then it must be true. He just knows! But what about the kid who thinks they are a dog…or a robot…or a policeman. You going to give him a gun? And do you think maybe the kid is simply doing it for attention and that by reinforcing the fantasy you are compounding the problem.

I suffered a vid claiming a Canadian reporter schooled a conservative blogger regarding the Syrian Civil War. By claiming there is no civil war in Syria. That Syria is democratic. That said democracy proved the people’s support for Assad. That the bombings of hospitals and the attacks on humanitarian convoys are false. That the White Hats are acting as killing squads. This reporter, with a straight face, blamed the West for what is going on in Syria. If you mean by inspiring Syria with our ideals of freedom and liberty, then you’re damn right we inspired them! This is the moronic media so many people give creedence to. I mean, it has to be true if it’s on television.

This is the reason America turned away from the dim Dems. They are tired of wading into fantasy with the party of Don Quixote. To put it bluntly, the Democrats have evolved into a party of outcasts and the deranged. Illegals, transgender, social parasites, anti-Americans and the malleable millennials. It is a party that has become so unhinged it seeks to remake reality! There are real problems in this country. We need jobs, we need hope, we need leaders and ideas. We are an island in a dark sea surrounded by enemies. Stop shrinking from the challenges of the real world.

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