2017 has seen cries of racism reach a fever pitch. The sheer hatred, vitriol, and violence bubbling up all over this nation are signs that things are only going to get worse. What has seriously incensed me is the bigotry, lies, and hypocrisy shown by those decrying the treatment of blacks in the US.

First, let’s look at the media playing up corruption in Baltimore. The reports of mistreatment of minorities have been so heavily blown out of proportion you would think the Aryan Nation had been deputized. Rather than investigating to see the validity of claims of racial malfeasance, the issue has been generalized into a black v. white conflict. In making sweeping claims that the Baltimore PD is attacking the black community, the press has poisoned relations in the community that will take years to mend. And those ‘oppressed’ citizens of Baltimore showed their civility by rioting; the seeming norm in the playbook of the black community. First, find a reason to scream racism. Second, get the press to cover the situation to garner sympathy and villify the intended victim. Third, let loose the ultra violence. Fourth, use moral relativism to escape charges for such felonious behavior. It worked for the Soviets against the Kulaks and the Nazis against the Jews. And if you think those aren’t apt comparisons, there are already blacks calling for the death of all whites.

Entertainment only makes it worse with movies like Detroit where the facts have been horribly distorted to invite the worst emotions in it’s audience attempting to foster white guilt and black militarism. Ironic that it is directed by a white woman and deplorable she is using the current environment to reap dirty fortunes. Worse is the moronic views of one of the stars, John Boyega, who derides movies and shows for not being more diverse, Game of Thrones being written large on his shit list. Yeah, Game of Thrones, a show based on Medieval Europe (where blacks we’re RARELY seen save for Moorish and Muslim invasions) and which has TWO major black characters (Greyworm and Missandei) as well as other characters of various races (Dothraki, Unsullied, etc). Let’s attack a popular show for cheap heat.

And finally, the Kaepernick issue. This mediocre, divisive, locker room cancer is being lifted up as the symbol of black oppression. Despite the fact he didn’t take a stand (ironic choice of words) until his talent faded; surely not to divert attention from his mediocre talent. Or how his activism caused a sizeable drop in ratings costing the NFL millions and created conflict among players and fans. This ‘brave’ man who insulted the Baltimore PD when in negotiations for a position with the Ravens and showed up to a press conference in Miami with a shirt celebrating Castro. And, on top of all this public relations scorched Earth and middling talent, demands starting pay! But the black community defends him claiming racial bias. Yeah, right.

This country is dissolving in the festering cesspit of racism. Blacks want a ‘dialogue’ but only one that starts with whites claiming responsibility for their failures. That is a non-starter. Black on black crime, single parent families, communities gutted by drugs and gangs, a culture that celebrates black independence from the system at the expense of getting an education and becoming contributing members of society as teachers, doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs. How can anyone take pride in this sort of culture?

The problem is the excuses. We failed the black community with Reconstruction and Jim Crow. But over the last forty years, we as a nation have made a concerted effort to bring equality. And as Asians and Hispanics have flourished, the black community continues to struggle. This is what I feel is the source of the rage: the frustration to succeed. So as blacks struggle they blame whites for their failures. We’re the ones who brought crack into their neighborhoods, who created gangsta rap with it’s glorification of misogyny, criminality, and violence. We’re the ones who refuse to push their kids in school, who abandon their kids to chase selfish freedom, who created the knock out game. We’re the ones killing blacks by the hundreds in Southside Chicago or Compton or Houston…c’mon, seriously? I can’t even have a conversation without being told I’m a racist and I don’t get it. Me, married to a Filipina. Me, who served in the military with various races and Creed’s without issue. Me who lived in Africa and have saved lives regardless of the color of their skin. These preconceptions are racism and yes, BLM and NAACP, you are racist.

The problem today is the refusal to take responsibility. Shame on those who support this failed philosophy. Shame on the media, politicians, reverends, entertainers, and more who divert the conversation from the REALITY. Life isn’t easy. Ask the Irish, the Italians, the Polish, Indians, Chinese, and more who came here with nothing and made something of themselves; who overcame racism and discrimination to achieve success. Stop being a farce. Find some real pride. This is a country of opportunity. Stop squandering it.

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