To understand me is to understand the phobic boundaries that confine me. Hopefully you derive a little humor from my mental instability:

Acrophobia: Fear of heights. This is due to my father holding me over the edge of a tower when I was six and joking he was going to drop me. Oh, the fun of childhood trauma.

Agoraphobia: Fear of crowded public places. Not an extreme fear but one I that I encounter whenever I have to go out.

Allodoxaphobia: Fear of opinions. I attribute this to my OCD.

Atychiphobia: Fear of failure. Sometimes it paralyzes me to the point of not even trying.

Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful women. I know, how is that possible! I just feel an immense amount of discomfort when around the “beautiful” people.

Catagelophobia: Fear of being ridiculed. Once more, my OCD acting up. That and the severe amount of verbal abuse I received from my father. My self-esteem is still fragile all these years later. One comment and I crumble.

Centophobia: Fear of new ideas/things. OCD again. I have problems having to adjust to changes to my environment. I just need that sense of control since my childhood was so unstable.

Chorophobia: Fear of dancing. Perhaps one of the leading causes to the collapse of my marriage. Never underestimate the importance of dancing to women.

Cleisiophobia: Fear of being locked in an enclosed place. Started way back when I was seven and found myself locked in the dryer. I know, I had a blessed childhood.

Demophobia: Fear of crowds. Makes social settings quite…entertaining.

Doxophobia: Fear of expressing my own opinions. One of the leading motivations to my manipulating people to my point of view.

Euphobia: Fear of good news. It can’t be true when things are going well, can it?

Glossophobia: Fear of public speaking. It was so bad I dropped out of college my final semester rather than give my dissertation. It took six years for me to go back and get my degree.

Hydrophobia: Fear of water. Serving in the army made this an entertaining phobia as I was required to swim in a twelve foot deep pool in full combat gear. Can you say “terror”.

Hypegiaphobia: Fear of responsibility. I’ve screwed up so much in my life that the idea of leading others outright trepidation. I have to be forced into a leadership role. This is all the more ironic as I was an army officer for two years put in charge of men usually twice my age. Delegation was one of my most important assets.

Obesophobia: Fear of gaining weight. I earned this one from my ex-wife who was anorexic. I have an empathic personality. I tend to absorb traits from others. So, I suppose I am partially anorexic. Not to mention my OCD personality with its need for control can only help to develop and drive as twisted an urge as this.

Ophthalmophobia: Fear of being stared at. I feel my eyes burn when people look at me. I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking when they focus on me.

Virginitiphobia: Fear of rape. Being a male this is a rather strange fear to have. Having seen one too many prison movies and being the victim of childhood sex abuse it isn’t surprising I developed it. Strangely enough, I also get a sort of thrill from it. I’m a sick fellow I know.

Xenophobia: Fear of strangers. An offshoot of my Centophobia. It’s so bad sometimes I wonder if I’m not partially autistic

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