I feel it is my snarky duty to criticize both those involved in and those who supported the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. I can honestly laugh at all involved, for were you all not entertained?

Where to begin? The price tag is glaringly obvious. Not even the epic battle between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago at the friggin peak of a renewed Cold War could convince me to shell out $100 to watch it and that match was actually good! No ppv is worth that much, especially not one so overdue it was proven stillborn.

The combatants were also lackluster. We have Mayweather, one of the most self-serving, overcompensating, wife-beating, misogynistic, and overhyped fighters in history. The man is pushing 40, has fought subpar talent for the last several years and whose fight style is so defensive he makes Switzerland seem aggressive by comparison. The man runs more than most track athletes. I am not going to debate the nuances of boxing and what some consider skill. I will say that I won’t pay to watch a man avoid punches, retreat, repeat so that he can make to the cards and win on numbers alone. I’m also not going to fund this wretched excuse of humanity’s lifestyle. The guy wasn’t worth paying to see when he was at his peak, he certainly isn’t worth it now.

And then there is Pacquiao, a guy with his fingers in so many pies he’s had to use his toes! Basketball, singer, politician, endorsements, acting, and on and on and on; the guy is clearly no longer focused on boxing and why should he be? He’s made his money and wants to move on. Saturday’s fight further proved that his tank is just about empty as is his drive.

It was obvious from the get go that the rushed nature of setting up this fight was simply to generate one hell of a payday for those involved. For Pacquiao, it was a way to double his net worth, go out with a bang, and finally move on to other interests. For Mayweather, it was to solidify his place in history, further swell that ego, and pad his wad for an even greater fall to come (you know it’s coming). Neither man really cared about the fans beyond their purchase and neither man cared about the sport. They went in and gave us a glorified sparring session putting nothing on the line. That was the most insulting facet of this fight. For all the words spoken between these two, for all the struggles to put the fight together, for bragging rights to declare who is the best pound for pound fighter out there, neither one could find it within themselves to simply go for it. Rather than spectacle, they gave us a debacle.

It is shams like this that boxing, as well as MMA, are dying. The whole point to combat sports is both story and, shocker, combat. People want to see titans go at one another. They want a show. Crowds want to see their champions push themselves, overcome the odds, reach deep down and do the unthinkable. They want heroes. All we got was a villain and his shadow.

And you, you who paid to see it are to blame most of all. If you expected something epic, you were deluding yourselves. There was no way this fight was ever going to come close to the inflated value attached to it. And before anyone of you complain about how you feel robbed or that the sport is dying, realize that it is your support for this farce that makes it possible. Until you say, with your wallets, that you deserve better, you’re just going to keep getting worse.

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