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Once more the courts try to legislate from the bench, overturning executive orders on the whim of local and state officials. The moronic statement that the decree stifles educational (these are adults who do not speak the language nor are coming here for a degree), economic (what money or job skills are they bringing since they are REFUGEES, not job seekers nor have revenue and instead will immediately start siphoning off social funds), and travel (I don’t think they intend to come here as a waystation or ever going back) is so much bull shit.

When Obama was president and Arizona attempted to secure their borders due to lax federal authority, the government immediately stepped in, stated immigration was a federal affair, and blocked further attempts by Arizona in all immigration affairs. So a new president no longer has a right to act on immigration? Seriously?

Moronic individuals wrecking the system by creating so much chaos, not really understanding why they’re doing it, and stifling the government from functioning. I am tired of libs painting refugees in the same light as immigrants of old. Immigrants come here seeking the American dream, sacrificing to pay for the journey, seeking to assimilate, and become a part of the grand tapestry of this republic. These refugees come here complaining about the decadence of America, refusing to respect others, taking the money of tax payers which continually dwindles for the projects for which they are desperately needed, all while the libs champion them as they make sure they don’t enter their neighborhoods.

Ask yourselves why are their countries in turmoil, these nations they have pride in. Ask why it is our responsibility rather than theirs to care for them. Ask why the libs want them here when the various Muslim nations who speak of their religion of love and charity and who have billions of dollars in oil revenue and a vested interest in preventing conflict in the region refuse to take their brothers and sisters in. You guys need to question before you speak, think before you act, and realize being a barrier only makes you a speed bump for eventual progress.

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