I did not foresee the fall of Day
As that glorious Sun did falter
And came crashing to earth
Shattering to sharp shards
Across a darkening horizon.
Thunder cracked across the fields
Causing all the world to shudder
Before the land went still and cooled
With a whisper, Life’s last breath.
And there, spread out before me
Was an ethereal massacre
Whose center held an ivory vision,
The pale Moon, that lost soul,
Who gazed down mournfully at me
As I longingly reached in futility
To ease her spiritual pain,
My mortal fingers finding
But insubstantial reality
As the world did go gray then black
And all that glistened mockingly
Were the remains of a broken dawn.
That sight did pierce my eyes
Causing them to bleed such sorrow.
My world was gone, swallowed by darkness
And I stood abandoned, my pain poisoning me.
I raged and cursed that source of my life
Screaming with madness, lost in the void
And then I did question…was I to blame?
Had my soul corrupted so pure a thing
Eroding her great immortality
Until she fell to earth as mortal as I?
I did love my glorious Sun, love her still
Those shards slicing my heart mercilessly.
She was my queen, my center,
My muse, the Creator of dreams
To whom I sang and who alone
Warmed this frail form within which
That wavering spark flitters,
A piece of my goddess on high.
How much she has given me,
How much I have taken.
She gave me life, true life
And I would sacrifice her to Death’s clutches?
My love surpasses time,
My life long ago dedicated
From my first breath to beyond my last.
Thus I am sworn to challenge the abyss
And to walk the vast desert
Facing demons and doubt abroad,
A shade in a land of shades,
Attempting to recover Twilight’s treasure
That perhaps, in my mortal hubris,
I might return lost Day to her pedestal
And make whole my fallen goddess.

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