Today I stopped and thought about the idea of immortality. Aren’t we all just the extension of some singular being, that original, single-celled organism that is the origin of all Life? Let me simplify: we are conceived through sexual reproduction, the combining of two cells produced by the bodies of our parents. So, in effect, we are our parents…well, a fragment of our parents. And they are a fragment of theirs and so on all the way back to the most primitive, earliest state of Existence. So then, are we not simply the continuation of that earliest form of Life? Are we not, in a way, an immortal being? We would then be all but a piece of a single, Original Entity. This would explain the group consciousness, or communal subconscious. It’s hard to wrap your mind around.

This idea would explain the drive to reproduce, the need to procreate. We wish to prolong ourselves. But is all this fragmenting healthy? Are we not a declining species? A piece is but a fragment of the whole and a piece of a piece of a piece…it just seems like the unraveling of that ancient tapestry, our living record. Are we waning? Are we devolving? In fact, is this not a further fragmenting of that original whole, that single cell? It seems like the Big Bang Theory where all light and energy, mass and substance was held in but one single cell before it divided. Now all is void with the dying embers of a once luminous whole. It is pushing away from the center. Is not humanity, Life, pushing away from itself, from that initial point of Creation? Is this not why we feel alone, divided, separated though we are all so physically close?

In our attempts to live on, for this Original Being to be eternal, we are disentegrating. In becoming as numerous as the sand on a beach we lossen that once solid foundation and leave ourselves at themercy of the winds, easily eroded and swept away by the tides of time. My God, are we destined for extinction despite our drive to live forever?

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