Hey guys,

Great news today. One of my papers is getting published in a collegiate research journal. I suppose now that I’ve been published that makes me a semi-legitimate academic. Who knew!

I’ve also been at work putting together a trailer for my novel. Finally got it posted to YouTube. You can watch it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH9PlIj4QT8.

Well, below is another one of my poems. I hope you enjoy the work…

Life is but an errant spark
Cast aside by Hephaestus’ hammer
As it beats down upon the Anvil of Existence.
Forging Creation’s heartbeat,
Granting brief illumination
To God’s face.
White hot and searing,
Each blazing kernel of possibility
Falls hopelessly like a doomed star,
Darkening as it descends
In a blazing arc
And returns to the void
Never having drawn the attention
Of their Heavenly Maker.

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