There is a grave problem on campuses, in schools, and at home. Children have been abandoned. It may not be starvation and exposure to the elements, but it is just as detrimental.

We as a society have stepped back as the disciplinarians and mentors of the next generation. We have stripped away old mores and varnished with moral relativism. We no longer punished bad behavior but turn a blind eye to it. We neglect our children, expecting others to pick up the slack, and then shift blame when our lack of responsibility leads to serious consequences.

Children are no longer given chores and duties,just money and free time. They are exposed to the Siren’s call of television and media that swells their importance and, once that sycophantic ambrosia has intoxicated them, preys on their souls telling them how to think, act, and feel. Materialism and shallow appearances are what count. Measure yourself by what weighs you down. Let those seizure inducing quick edits shorten your attention spans so that your withered spirits can only ingest minute soundbytes and slogans.

Schools are staffed by unionized dregs who spend more time arguing for raises rather than proving they deserve them. They water down curriculums to make their graduation quotas, befriend rather than discipline, and even sexually pursue their students.

And colleges, where it is more important to indoctrinate rather than educate; those bubbles where failures are shielded by tenure spread the philosophy that kept them in theory rather than successful entrpreneurship. Where the young are taught it is ok to protest democratic outcomes via mob rule and to curse heroes using myopic and hypocritical moral constructs as they are indentured for eternity via student loans; using other people’s money to regurgitate other people’s thoughts to earn a worthless piece of paper.

These children are spared the harsh lessons of past generations: the value of work and initiative, the importance of duty and family, the respect for tradition. Children throw tantrums just to throw tantrums and we give and give and give. Five year olds are now transgendered. Suicide is now a social event. The lazy and indolent deserve to earn as much as the driven and tireless. Whores are icons.

Reality has been discarded by children who we’re never introduced to it. They are orphans who have lived in the dark so long the light of day is too much for them. They live on digital islands proud of formless achievements unseen in the ether; capricious creatures whose increasing lack of social interaction has led to an insularity so total that their voice is all that matters, their pleasure, their desires. They are numb before they even reach puberty with all the sex and violence they are exposed to. Their ability to love is stunted by parents who mistake gifts for affection.

There is no gravity to hold these kids. Like in space, a lack of gravity leads to atrophy. And this generation, so desperate and needing a cause, is wasting away.

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