Oh yes, it is time for another alcohol fueled, dripping with venom, stinging to the ears diatribe as much for my own catharsis as for your own salvation. Sometimes it takes a kick to the ass to get you meat bags to think, especially since most brains are securely stored up most butt puckers these days.

I’ll be incredibly blunt: I am out of touch with this current generation, something I am incredibly proud of. I don’t understand the unhealthy fixation with (ironically titled) reality television, the importance of our President’s race, the popularity of tweener features, or this increasingly pathetic grab for eternal adolescence, called “entitlement,” the majority of America seems to be latching onto. So, without further ado, let the rant begin.

I find this current generation to be incredibly stunted bordering on the blissfully immature (that is not a compliment). If these children had an anthem, it would be “Gimme Gimme Gimme.” They have their tweener culture, regressive propaganda, to tell them they are mature enough to be taken seriously. Smear that make-up across your youthful features, clad yourself in what your latest icon is wrapped in, ignore your parents at your peers insistence, find inspiration in the latest shallow album sung by your pre-adolescent peers, and don’t question. Become what you are told you need to become by said peers, by the media. Sounds ridiculous. Then why are so many youths allowing themselves to be indoctrinated, and yes, they are being indoctrinated. Empty stories revolving around why the young alone can save us, hollow songs by youthful divas, wooden actors playing out shallow tales. They tell you to grow up early but to refuse maturity, a siren-song of confusion. Wear this, embrace that, buy buy buy. This is the model, succumb, assimilate, and question only those who would tell you to think. But never us. No, never us supported by advertising dollars. The grooming of consumers has never been more devilish or unethical. We will fill your empty core with product.

And so we come to the new media creation: fame engendered simply by being famous. One does not need talent, life experience, or value to achieve prominence. One simply needs a look, largely manufactured, and is thrust upon us. Why grow as a musician, playing in garage bands, singing those first tunes in small clubs, discovering your voice through work and effort, refined by drive and passion, when one can simply become a star via the X-Factor or American Idol, future hits written for you, your image groomed and market tested? What good is television based around coherent plot and character development when one can have shows that revolve around the mediocre and their inane antics (oh how the monkeys dance and the corporations wring their hands with pleasure). Icons are crafted, held up, spew what their handlers request, and it is accepted as gospel. Value is stripped away from experience, from talent, from perseverance. We must have it now. Everything. Now. It must not be earned. Take out credit, sell your future, live for now because if you save you lose. Age is worthless. Spend spend spend and enjoy while you can before you become uncool. Don’t be your parents, fools who have lost their youth and simply want to stifle your lives because theirs approaches an end. Let the manufactured youth be your guide. Live now no matter the cost!

And once you have given up everything, you look to everyone else to support you. You want to be the eternal teen, welfare your allowance. But how dare we tell you how to live since clearly you have lived so responsibly needing others to support you.

I have no love for this age where a man can be elected solely on race and words rather than deeds or experience. On people who think I should listen to them but are deaf to discourse. A country where more reach out for charity rather than work to support themselves. The value of the dollar is gone, print print print to get us out of debt. Why suffer needed austerity, why make ourselves live within our means? We have to be the best because we are the best, isn’t that it?

Consumers: that is an apt title. We are perhaps the most gluttonous generation ever raised. Ever taking what we can, damn the consequences. Our drives have become voracious, overpowering our reason. There is increasingly no depth left. No value to the false lights that shine around our idols. We are oblivious to tomorrow, blind to yesterday, and numb to the now. We live through television, learn through the net, and dream no more. By believing ourselves worthy of so much, we strip everything of value, even ourselves. Life is not meant to be easy, and it is not the rewards, but the journey, that is most important. There is so much we have lost.

But these are just drunken words, unheard ramblings. of a man out of time.

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