Art is the most insidious form of propaganda. It is tailored to subvert rational thinking by manipulating your emotions, using traditional archetypes, themes, and plots proven over time to give the audience that comforting familiarity while weaving in subtle, at times, or blatant messages to “educate.”

Hollywood is a land of illusions. Their products are insubstantial, their world fantasy, their population largely the outcasts of reality who love to dream. Now that is not an indictment, but the very reason actors, writers, directors, and producers should stop assuming the position of civilization’s critics. They are overpaid, sheltered, and lost in the murk of Los Angeles. Because of the money their craft produces and the power that comes with such wealth coupled with the prestige derived from the adoration of millions, these souls have convinced themselves of that self-importance they have always harbored only it has gone from a spark to a conflagration.

Now art has always served as a critique of culture and the times. The twist is so much more modern. With the ease of technology now anyone can express their thoughts and that ease has given way to a shift from critiquing to activism. The Soviets did it to attack capitalism and tradition to create a united proletariat. The Nazis did it to foster racism, state loyalty, and, in the end, fanatacism. And Hollywood, it is using cinema and television to convince us to accept even the most outlandish beliefs that bubble up.

Do we need to talk about the required quotas to reflect diversity? Reality shows that tell people what to wear and how to act. The shifting of roles to push feminism with women being the action stars and men the villain. Even the increased output of trans shows to make transgender acceptance more palatable. We have Elysium dealing with the evils of rich white people versus Mexicans, Birth of a Nation defending black violence with a sinister undertone of attempting to foment further riots, Boys Don’t Cry defending transgender against the evil of good ol’ boy macho aggression, etc. Even Logan, a movie I love, carries the theme of illegals from Mexico escaping their country and heading north for a better life while American forces, which had exploited them, attempt to stop their trek to salvation. They want you to think this is the norm, change your way of thinking. Lull you when you are vulnerable. It’s like the change to advertising when psychology was adopted. It went from letting the product speak for itself to tricking you into thinking you need it. We need this insight, we need to be corrected, we need to be accepting regardless of repercussion. Heroes are people like Caitlyn and villains are now the veterans of our foreign conflicts. Who do you think sacrificed more? Those in noble silence or they in trumpeted self-service?

It has seriously turned into an eye rolling experience watching any form of entertainment when everything has an agenda these days. But then I reach towards those visions the left keep projecting and my hand slipa through. Hollywood, creator of illusions, blind to what is beyond. These are not the people you want to listen to. It is so much performance art I think they have forgotten what reality is any more.

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