Everyday is the same
So damnably unchangeable.
Familiar faces forever confront me
In a world once fluid but long frozen static
Where the winds have stilled
And I find myself adrift
Lost on quiet waters
With the same sight in every direction
Of no escape, no new lands, no possibilities.
All I can do is tread or sink.
It is a world I wish to let go
But find myself chained to
In a life sentence of triviality
Where I risk becoming a part, lose myself,
When I simply wish to be ripped free.
Each day hammers the same
Fucking moments, manners, and predictability
Into my bruised head
That it may render me docile and accepting
Of such comfortable obedience to order
And the breaking of my free spirit.
It all cycles in a loop
That threatens to strangle me.
I yearn to smash and destroy
If only to alter
The banal repetition
That I may know
Change is possible.
Such is the glorious end
To this cursed existence.


I give you power
That I might weaken you.
Enrich you materially
That I may impoverish you spiritually.
I grant your every wish
That I may smother your soul beneath their weight.
And for all I give freely
There is a hidden price.
Who am I?
I am he that knows your dreams
And wishes to twist them.
To darken and harden your luminous core
That I may make you clay.
Dehumanize you, possess you,
Make you mine.
I am the Great Manipulator
And you are my price.

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