I don’t understand this world anymore. Evil is defended, criminals are now victims, and people scream of oppression as they covetously burn neighborhoods down around them. Women choose careers over children, men cling to immaturity for fear of responsibility, increasing voices say fantasy is more real than the real and everyone nods, heads down not seeing the world around them.

The ether around us is polluted with impropriety, mediocrity, and endless material temptations. Experiences no longer matter. Vicarious memories replace our own; something to fill cracked vessels if only to forget how empty our lives really are even as they spill out.

We have become tribal, hating the other, forgetting the struggles that brought us to equality. We twist that equality, calling some more equal than others, committing heinous crimes and casually defending them with hypocritical excuses. We recede into cancerous pockets and leave ourselves vulnerable to stereotypes and fear.

We have lost sight of the individual and been consumed by the masses. People scream and call it dialogue. Chaos reigns and they call it progress. Complex thoughts are simplified to soundbytes, possibility is left to starve in the halls of debate. Those who volunteer are hounded for their sacrifice while the self-serving are lauded for their success.

The rich grow richer, fortifying their estates and building themselves higher and higher until they are out of touch with the common man. We are but ants to their eyes, a nuisance blighting their view.

Knowledge, truest knowledge is so close we can but ask and be presented with ultimate understanding. But instead we mock our teachers, defund our schools, and lower our standards. The rabble disrupt serene lessons and we surrender, step by step that illuminating light retreating into the dark from whence we came.

We no longer dream. We let others do that for us. We are mere sketches that allow others to define us.

Our childrens’ drives are drugged and smothered. Talent is mocked and rendered common. Youth is sold and soiled and stolen at it’s most innocent. The unique are indoctrinated and when that fails they are ostracized. The uniform clothes us all, ill-fitting rags.

We squander our fathers’ treasures and capriciously watch cities collapse into ruin. The desperate consume each other as we mortgage rich futures for poor presents. Conflicts rage even in the cradle of man as promise is twisted into nightmares.

There is pain, a great pain we all feel but don’t understand. We do all we can to escape it, to numb it, to forget it. It is the pain of loss, a mourning for our dying humanity. Everyone one of us is at fault, coldly ignoring our fellow man broken beside us, instead continuing toward approaching dusk. And why do we not stop when we know they need us as much as we need them? Because the last Samaritan passed long ago.

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