Female gamers are out there. Yes, the legends are true. And they have become more vocal in the last several years not only through media but also in expressing their opinions regarding gaming today.

Perhaps the most vocal is Aneeta Sarkeesian, a woman who bashed the gaming industry for being misogynistic and demeaning to the point of hostility toward females. She took it upon herself to attack this male dominated subculture and all the evils it propagated. Others flocked to support her in her vehement diatribes against men and their coarse sexualization of women. The problem is I doubt she is a gamer but just another SJW opportunist creating issue where there is none. Though it may surprise her, the gaming field has always been predominantly male. When you sell a product, you sell it to your audience. If adult makes make up the main demographic then you tailor your product to maximize sales. This declaration of how women are treated in gaming from the way they act to the way they dress can be placed squarely at the feet of women themselves.

From Real Housewives to the Kardashians, the lewd tunes of Minaj and Grande, even the way women feel increasingly at ease baring more flesh,you are going to lambaste men for putting a mirror up to you? We sexualize and objectify women? You realize Hollywood, that bastion of liberal champions are partly responsible for giving air time to those who turn women into bitchy cliches obsessed with materialistic self-importance and shallow thinking. Those people screaming, “Girl power!” are the same ones telling you how to look, what to wear, what to say and how to think. Why aren’t you bashing mainstream media for crafting this insidious message that undermines self-esteem? Well, because gaming is male dominated.

The SJW message exists to steal away anything belonging to males, white males in particular, and to replace it with a message meant to undercut their pride and drive to succeed. White males are evil determined to keep minorities in subservience and turn women into sex slaves. We have to be shamed, to take a knee, to surrender to our betters.

For God’s sake, these are games! This is escapist entertainment. Is the average guy making crappy pay struggling through life not allowed to fantasize about being the hero and getting the girl, two of the oldest tropes in recorded civilization mind you. Why should guys WANT to play as women? Why should they be forced to play games that force a politically correct message that they do not deserve to be happy but ashamed of who they are?

And let’s not pretend that women in gaming are anywhere near as put upon as they say. From the faux fans like Olivia Munn who used gaming as a springboard into acting to the various girls on Twitch who wear low cut tops in order to drive up viewers, what I see are WOMEN using and perpetuating negative stereotypes. There are real female gamers and they do not come down on gaming culture anywhere near as hard as these vocal digital feminists who think the majority audience should be forced to enjoy a minority’s views on entertainment.

There are movies made for women. Waiting to Exhale, First Wives’ Club, Sex in the City; you don’t see men running out demanding these movies be banned or altered due to their portrayals of men or making all the main characters female. Why? Because this is not entertainment meant for males! We get that.

Come on. Stretching back to Metroid with Samus and now reaching the present with Zero Dawn, there are myriad strong female characters and positive messages for women in gaming. Are you mad certain male groups don’t want to play with you in WoW? Why should they have to? And if they’re crude, why would you want to? Part of life is not everyone is going to agree with you and nor should they.

If the stories being told upset you, that is what they are meant to do. An emotional reaction doesn’t mean it is meant to wound you. It is a narrative device. The attempted rape of Lara Croft was to inject horror and suspense, not to make women appear weak. Does media now exist to cover up the evils of society rather than to face and overcome it? Are we going to bash designers for putting women in skimpy outfits when magazines and television does far worse? Should we force quotas on entertainment, something that isn’t always meant to reflect reality?

It was this SJW thinking that wrecked the latest Mass Effect as it drew attention to the average woman, to trans culture, and lauded homosexual relations. And what happened? No one bought the damn game. SJWs weren’t invested in it and the developer discovered that when games went unsold. Those who wanted change didn’t really care when it came or supported it to prove it viable. That is how bankrupt and hollow this argument of Sarkeesian’s was. FFS she was even part of the team behind the failed Mass Effect team. Do you still think she knows what the hell she’s talking about?

Seriously, to the Sarkeesians of the world maybe take a look at your own tastes, maybe look at how you portray yourselves both professionally and personally before you attack a male genre simply because you are the bike soaked, mean spirited sexist you claim to fight against. Maybe portray a positive image, maybe shun the Paris Hiltons, the Kylie Jenner’s and their ilk for their far worse portrayals of women. Maybe attack the Saudis for their views on women or speak out against India with a society that makes gang rape a constant worry. Stop playing the slut, the victim, and then the outraged pundit. Maybe try being honest with YOURSELF before telling us what is right and wrong. Maybe leave my damn games alone. After all, they’re just games.

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