There is a serious decline in the common sense possessed by the masses. Perhaps it is the economic advantages of the First World that has bred entitlement eroding responsibility and wirkethic keeping people from going out there in the real world getting a job and discovering the value of those things they take for granted. Maybe it’s the illusions of the media and entertainment we have been drowned in from our first word to our last conditioning us to repeat the opinions of others, conform to present, generalized, neutered roles that our betters have chosen for us. Possibly it is the state of immaturity we increasingly allow this and other generations to wallow in with it’s narcissism, selfishness, and reveling in the irrational. Whatever it is, Trudeau is the preening symbol of it.

The man is the product of nepotism and shallow perception. His father was prime minister of Canada and the advantages of being the son of a successful politician opened doors closed too many others. Far from the model of the perfect leader, Pierre economically mismanaged the nation, centralized decision making in Canada freezing initiative and setting the system up for the decay of inaction to come, fostered bilingualism to assuage fears in Quebec regarding the dissolution of their culture while stripping them of policy making ability, and for pushing the greatest amount of patronage in modern Canadian politics. The son is not far from the father in this regard as I will later cover. As to Justin’s shallow nature, the first things you hear about the man are how handsome him and his wife are, how stylish Justin is, how hip and modern with his selfies, his love of new liberal ideas, even how intelligent he is following setpiece appearances.H e quit graduate studies not once, but twice; the second time using his father’s death as an excuse as he sought political office. The man only started his crusade for public office following the eulogy he gave at his father’s funeral which was broadcast ad nauseum on Canadian television with the media spouting it was the beginning of a dynasty. A dynasty. A man gives a polished speech and suddenly he is destined for greatness.

Justin’s rise to the office of prime minister was carefully prepared for him. His lack of political acumen has proven itself time and again. His shortsighted style of leading has blinded him to broader issues concerning Canada. While infrastructure rusts and collapses, the military stagnates and is ill-supplied, and the economy shrinks due to commodity price drops and increased competition, Justin focuses on a carbon tax (which threatens to push corporations out of country and cut jobs), increased taxing of common citizens (already heavily burdened by taxes and suffering decreasing wages), legalizing marijuana (have to create new revenue stream), Ā feminism (he is quoted as calling poverty sexist), and proportional representation which would guarantee a splintering of parties and the possible increase in partisan behavior. He has called Castro a remarkable leader, pulled out of military partnerships with allies in the Middle East (to the point he has even withdrawn air support for his own troops in the rush to get out), and refused to condemn ISIS for the atrocities they have perpetrated. Then again, this was the prime minister who gave $10 million to an Al’Queda operative for his eight years of imprisonment at Guantanamo (for murdering one American soldier and blinding another). This is also the prime minister who swore he’d cut the $10 billion deficit the Canadian government struggles with only to balloon it to $29 billion in his first year.

The man is a trainwreck. He is an image with no real figure being reflected. As he flounders and fails, the youth, the liberals, and the desperate keep investing in the lies because the media twists the facts, celebrities laud his stances and words (actions don’t matter; they only lead to judgment calls), and he keeps giving his speeches (Mussolini and Hitler realized the importance of speeches). People wondered what hipster leaders would be like. Look no further than this preening, empty, ignorant, myopic source of sound bytes and photo ops. As he basks in the warmth of media coverage, swaddled in the wealth of the nation, keep your eyes down mesmerized by the digital opiate of the wifi ether as reality crumbles around you.

When the idea is more important than the execution or result, then you begin to realize how uninvested people are in the world and it’s fate.

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