Alright, let’s just was into the inflammatory bullshit. What happened in Virginia is inexcusable, but for reasons the media have twisted to fit the mold of their joyous Nazi-esque race-baiting. The sheer lack of ethics concerning journalism in this country has revealed the mediocrity of the American reporter who is forced to create stories rather than report them for those all important numbers. It’s propaganda and it’s working.

This entire debacle started with attempts by Charlottesville to remove all vestiges of it’s Confederate past. There are those who argue that forgetting history, deliberately burying it, is not the solution. Is Auschwitz still standing? Why do you think THAT is? It is to remind us of a period of ignorance, of suffering; to put the present in perspective. These monuments that Mark the rebellion stand to remind us not only of the foolishness that nearly tore this country apart, but also the sacrifices made by soldiers who fought and died.

There are also those who say these monuments should be saved as part of their cultural heritage. Many will argue that memorializing men such as Robert E. Lee is like hailing Himmler, though few seem to realize the nobility of the man in comparison to the Union General Sherman who destroyed large swaths of the South leading to horrors far greater than ever inflicted by Confederate forces in total. Cultures remember their rebels. William Wallace. Pancho Villa. Hell, Napoleon! You don’t see their memories being extinguished because of their defiant acts. You read about them and how their actions changed things even though their defiance failed.

The South is proud of it’s heritage and it’s heroes. Where some see Lee as a slave owner and traitor, the South sees him as a Virginian patriot and tragic figure who fought to preserve a dying way of life; one he abhorred but felt honor bound to defend. Ancestors died in a fight and their descendants want to remember them as warriors, not have them buried as bigots by hypocrites.

The protest in Charlottesville was one against the ongoing drive to excoriate history and replace it with a vile narrative of white oppression and shame. We did not create a nation of hope and freedom on this continent but crafted a slave state in the stylings of Sparta and her Helots. Monuments are being destroyed, memories erased, and an agenda being pushed to undermine conservative views. This is what the protest was about. Many are tired of being told to carry a burden we paid for long ago with blood. To say all that was worth nothing and we should be ashamed, do you truly believe the sins of the father should be visited on their children?

So the far right protested. I do not support their racist views but I do support their right to challenge what they see, and rightly, as an attack on American culture. Whereas a small church group can protest despicably at soldiers’ funerals and blacks can call for the death of cops as they riot with little reprisal, why can’t these people protest the removal of some monuments? That shadowy figures organized  a counter protest with the sole goal of creating chaos is not being reported. Local police have confirmed the fighting was mutual and, like any brawl, escalated to murder. Do you see this at liberal protests? No, because conservatives do not go looking for fights. But the Left in this country has become so confrontational, so duplicitous in their conduct that they strike and then scream victim.

Already liberal forces in this country are using Charlottesville as an excuse to limit conservative protests with Texas A&M being the first of many. The Left is trying to stifle free speech as they continue to strip us of our pride and self-esteem so that we lack the courage to resist as they steal more of our rights, our wealth, our power.

The shrieking minority called Trump a racist for his comments regarding Charlottesville as he blamed not just the white supremacists but also other forces in this nation for their divisive actions.

These are dangerous times. It is quite fitting that the attempt to remove monuments to division have served to reveal a new division emerging in this nation. It took the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans to heal the rifts in this country over 150 years ago. The scars are still there. Either we can reopen old wounds or start to heal. We need honesty and communication, not more fighting.

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