This is a wondrous age where centuries of knowledge are at our fingertips; where communication across the globe is instantaneous and technology has opened avenues never before imagined. All of this progress, ironically has led to regression.

I may sound like a Luddite, and trust me the philosophy is appealing. This is an age where children find it funny to play mature games, relishing the murder of avatars representing real people while screaming slurs and vulgarities that would have left my father apoplectic. Teen girls snap naked photos or commit suicide via streaming desperate for attention. Where the average person prefers to record accidents and the suffering of victims rather than rush in and help their fellow humanity.

Individual opinion is of the utmost importance. Forget debate or dialogue. Either one agrees or is verbally assaulted for the audacity of possessing a unique perspective.

You have sociopaths sucker punching innocent people or worse, violating privacy and decency for a single click in the corner on their YouTube page. There are extremist groups who record their atrocities to make a global statement or maniacs posting manifestos before they set out on their rampage.

Journalism, desperate for advertising dollars to survive have sold their ethics and professionalism to tailor the news to their audience as to make Goebbels envious.

We have become subsumed in the illusions of the digital ether. Mental illness is now accepted as sane, common sense excoriated for challenging the id, and law enforcement is painted as criminals while convicts are being paroled in record numbers to prey on our streets. Winners are called cheaters and/or chastised while losers and the mediocre are rewarded. We pile up record debt to appear affluent because materialism, not merit, is the ethos of the day.

Technology has divided us, fostered our darkest nature, and created soul decaying temptations never before seen. Walk any street and you will see heads bowed, attention directed at phone screens, so many souls oblivious to one another. We have become like the stars in the sky. Adrift in the dark, seemingly so close but so far away, our light a lying reflection.

This is an age of neo-barbarism. Can our civilization survive the future?

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