The Cult of Kim

I have stretched common sense to snapping trying to fathom the current issues we are facing regarding North Korea. This is a despotic, criminal, irresponsible regime that has shown an utter lack of rational thought despite what the ‘experts’ state....


Alright, let’s just was into the inflammatory bullshit. What happened in Virginia is inexcusable, but for reasons the media have twisted to fit the mold of their joyous Nazi-esque race-baiting. The sheer lack of ethics concerning journalism in this country has...

When Value is Stripped from Reality

Color me surprised when I discovered that the family of Jahi McMath were still using the courts to keep their daughter alive. Background: Jahi was a thirteen years old girl who underwent surgery three years ago to remove her tonsils to cure her sleep apnea. During the...

Chosen by the Masses

There is a serious decline in the common sense possessed by the masses. Perhaps it is the economic advantages of the First World that has bred entitlement eroding responsibility and wirkethic keeping people from going out there in the real world getting a job and...
The Dissolution of Europe

The Dissolution of Europe

The run-off election for the French Presidency is May 7 and the results will have far reaching repercussions. Sadly, the only two choices are a continuance of the status quo and a return to early twentieth century real politik in Europe. On the one hand, we have...
Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

For years I have heard the praises of our neighbors to the Great White North; stories of their kindness, their flourishing economy, their humility, and their wonderful social programs. Recently I made a trip to Vancouver to see for myself the veracity of these claims....
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