Conflicting Methods

Female gamers are out there. Yes, the legends are true. And they have become more vocal in the last several years not only through media but also in expressing their opinions regarding gaming today. Perhaps the most vocal is Aneeta Sarkeesian, a woman who bashed the...

A Broken Covenant

You can tell what phase a director is in through their work. When they’re young, there is an aggressive virility. The style is more important than the substance as the neophyte struggles to find their voice. Eventually they move into that mature phase where they...

The Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series is one of the most storied sci-fi franchises in current gaming. Winning numerous awards and spawning books, comics, and a potential movie, Bioware’s trilogy created a universe that enthralled millions. Ending on a sour note with the...

The Revolution will be Televised…

And then rerun, syndicated, streamed, and sold in a collector’s box set. Cable: the blessing of the eighties. It allowed virtually anything. Sports (ESPN), 24 hour news (CNN), movies (HBO, Showtime), ppv, and, finally, the channel aimed at youth MTV. MTV was a...
Try the Newest Diet!

Try the Newest Diet!

Do you feel left out and deplorable? Do you carry the weight of difficult decisions? Is reality increasingly an obstacle? Well then, you should try the new diet sweeping the nation: alcoholism. You’ll no longer care about all those little problems that add up....
The Newest Craze is Here

The Newest Craze is Here

The burka: it’s the world’s fastest growing fashion trends. Drop those Western Judeo-Christian morals, infidel, and join the Intifada. It’s all the rage! Conceal those embarrassing bruises. Never worry about leading him on again. He’ll always...
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