Today in the news I heard of a story that just made me cringe. In Houston, a woman rushed her child to the hospital after the family dog “allegedly” chewed the infant’s genitals off. Excuse me!!!! The woman woke to her child crying and saw the family dog, a dachshund, standing over the baby. Now A) How does a baby screaming over something like that not wake you up, B) What the hell could drive a domesticated animal to do that, C) Why was the child on the floor in easy reach of the dog, and D) Was the kid even clothed because if so then how did the dog decide to targent the “monkey and Pee-wees”?

Houston officials have already said they doubt the dog chewed off the kid’s manhood. What that means leaves me even more terrified because I don’t even want to begin to fathom what their theory is on how the bits came off. And if there is something else at work here do I really want to know what the motive was?

The poor kid has numerous surgeries ahead. Does that mean they found the naughty bits or that they’re reconstructing it? This kid is definitely going to grow up maladjusted having to compensate for a damaged symbol of what makes him a man.

Now why do I say the above? There have been rather famous legends surrounding individuals who have had damaged or ruined genitalia. Hitler was monorchid (single testicle) with his repeated attempts of flashing his masculinity, men needing to be hard to the point of savages, his means of dealing with his “shortcomings”. There was a funny tale that Hitler supposedly lost his one nut by taking a dare that he could pee in a goat’s mouth. When he attempted the gag the “pissed off” goat bit the one ball off because it was irritated with being pissed on. Bad play on words, I know.

Then there is the case of Jack the Ripper. One criminologist believes the Ripper was a struggling artist who had troubles with his penis which rendered him impotent. He used his knife as a sort of phallic symbol and had a deep seated hatred for women because he could neither have them sexually nor deal with failing them physically in a relationship. The man would only do nudes of the most repellant women because then he would not feel attracted to them or fear any sort of relationship emerging. He wanted to reinforce his image of women as repugnant, disgusting creatures beneath his contempt. One wonders why he would then go and assault prostitutes. Maybe because they were the symbol of the one thing he could never have, sex.

I know, I know. I’m rambling. I just had to put down my thoughts on this. Losing your manhood is a serious thing, especially for a child far from maturity. This is a twisted society we live in. Sometimes I wonder how I survive in it.

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