Sorry for the hiatus…

Over the last week I have been silent. Odd I know for excitable me. My wife recently suffered a miscarriage. The two of us are working through this emotional event. I promise to return sometime later this week with a bit of humor. Levity is sorely needed these days. Thank you for the supportive comments.


There is a grave problem on campuses, in schools, and at home. Children have been abandoned. It may not be starvation and exposure to the elements, but it is just as detrimental. We as a society have stepped back as the disciplinarians and mentors of the next...

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Tailor Made

Recently doctors rewrote the DNA in embryos to remove a harmful genetic disorder. The scientific community hailed this achievement and the possibilities it opened up. And then the zealots started shouting. 'This is ethically wrong. How long before we start designing...

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What the Health

I watched a documentary on Netflix, as I tend to do while exercising, and was left seething regarding this moronic, neurotic, ill-informed propaganda piece aimed to further the vegan agenda: What the Health. As background, the host, Kip Anderson (the man is as moronic...

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I am boorish, arrogant, and outspoken. Those are but a few of my more laudable virtues.

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