The New Flesh

Hope: hope is all that is left. Hope that humanity matures. Hope that humanity learns to listen. Hope that humanity realizes we are collective and not singular. Maturity: that is sorely lacking. We demand without warning and lash out in tantrums when the id is not...


Alright, let’s just was into the inflammatory bullshit. What happened in Virginia is inexcusable, but for reasons the media have twisted to fit the mold of their joyous Nazi-esque race-baiting. The sheer lack of ethics concerning journalism in this country has...


There is a grave problem on campuses, in schools, and at home. Children have been abandoned. It may not be starvation and exposure to the elements, but it is just as detrimental. We as a society have stepped back as the disciplinarians and mentors of the next...

Race Baiting: It’s in to be Out

2017 has seen cries of racism reach a fever pitch. The sheer hatred, vitriol, and violence bubbling up all over this nation are signs that things are only going to get worse. What has seriously incensed me is the bigotry, lies, and hypocrisy shown by those decrying...

Tailor Made

Recently doctors rewrote the DNA in embryos to remove a harmful genetic disorder. The scientific community hailed this achievement and the possibilities it opened up. And then the zealots started shouting. ‘This is ethically wrong. How long before we start...
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