Race Baiting: It’s in to be Out

2017 has seen cries of racism reach a fever pitch. The sheer hatred, vitriol, and violence bubbling up all over this nation are signs that things are only going to get worse. What has seriously incensed me is the bigotry, lies, and hypocrisy shown by those decrying...

Tailor Made

Recently doctors rewrote the DNA in embryos to remove a harmful genetic disorder. The scientific community hailed this achievement and the possibilities it opened up. And then the zealots started shouting. ‘This is ethically wrong. How long before we start...

What the Health

I watched a documentary on Netflix, as I tend to do while exercising, and was left seething regarding this moronic, neurotic, ill-informed propaganda piece aimed to further the vegan agenda: What the Health. As background, the host, Kip Anderson (the man is as moronic...

The Blame Game

Recently, Obdulia Sanchez was driving her 14 year old sister and her sister’s friend home. As she was driving, she veered off the road overturning the car and ejecting the two young girls from the car. The friend suffered minor injuries while the sister died....

When Value is Stripped from Reality

Color me surprised when I discovered that the family of Jahi McMath were still using the courts to keep their daughter alive. Background: Jahi was a thirteen years old girl who underwent surgery three years ago to remove her tonsils to cure her sleep apnea. During the...
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