They were my dreams, my special tales
Of an adventure that was to be,
An epic quest titled Life
Authored by Fate
Bound by Destiny
And granted unto me
A spiritual blessing,
My sole ethereal gift
Signed by the hand of my Creator.
As a child my fingers traced
Those passages numerous times
By the flickering fire,
My mind bending the glimmering flames
And within those ripples
I became the hero
Completing the quest
Fulfilling dreamt prophecy
I made those dreams…
Fleeting reality.
But that fire did fade
And my vision dimmed
Before the shadows shrouded my eyes
And my hands slid from the page.
An ember of that dying fire
Drifted from the smoldering bough
Like an acorn from the tree,
A glowing kernel of destruction.
It settled upon my tale,
Took root and grew
Blossoming into a pyre
Blackening those once pure pages
Consuming, scattering possibilities
Up that tear inducing pillar that supports the graying sky,
Leaving my Life a charred mess
That I cannot embrace
Or else feel it crumble
Between my fingers,
Barren soil
Once bountiful in fantasy.
All I can do
Is mourn what might have been
As ashes fall like snow
In this my final season
Clouding the horizon
And signaling the end
Of a tale that never was.

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